Fly Fishing for Walleye on Pathfinder Reservoir

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PathfinderBy the time we got to Sammy’s house last night after the full day on Glendo Reservoir it was late.  Sam and I filleted all the crappie with full intention of eating them right after.  But once we finished filleting, showered and turned on the playoff game between the Yankees and Rays, we were ready for bed.  Sammy came up with a great idea – he ordered pizza and saved our delicious crappie feast for tonight.  We needed our rest because we were off for walleye on Pathfinder Reservoir first thing in the morning.


flyfishing-PathfinderThe pizza set us straight.  Before I knew it Sammy was knocking on his guest room door to get Granny and I up.  We made coffee then the 45 minute drive to the massive Pathfinder Reservoir. Off we went before 8 AM on a ten mile 30 minute run in Sammy’s Lund.


PathfinderOther than my carp flat walk on Thursday, the only views of Pathfinder I’ve ever had have been from 30,000 feet flying from Jackson Hole to Atlanta.  From the air the reservoir looks like a big ugly desert water storage area.  But being on the lake, with Sammy behind the boat wheel, the place is gorgeous.  I’m not a fan of dams but this waterbody has amazing scenery surrounded by mountains, sand dunes and canyons.


Jeff-CurrierThe geology around Pathfinder was so incredible I could visualize what it looked like below the surface.  The underwater structure I imagined gave me great confidence.  We all felt like we were about to hammer the walleye.  But just because you have a good feeling doesn’t mean the fishing will be on.  We fished our butts off for six hours and barely touched a fish.


The wind cranked up around 10 AM.  I mean over 20 MPH.  There were warnings of high wind gusts that we saw on the flashing signs along the highway on the drive up.  They were right.  By 11 we had no choice to but to head for the boat ramp.  There was some shelter here so we fished the area a couple more hours.


walleyeIn the end, we landed three small walleyes.  One by me, Robert and Sammy.  We didn’t get skunked but the walleye fishing proved slow both days.  And I dang sure didn’t convince Sammy to pack a fly rod on every walleye trip.


fish-fryNonetheless it was a great weekend with one of my best pals.  We had a hoot fishing and a blast back at Sam’s in the evenings.  Tonight, we finished off all the crappie fillets along with one nice walleye Sam had from last weekend.  Our feast was unreal!


Next in line for me is the White River in Arkansas.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Mark Cooper

    Good eats!!!! Love walleye!

  2. Jeff

    Those crappies weren’t too bad either Mark!

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