Water on the Rise Again

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Monday was a great day on the water even though river conditions bordered on too high. The day was the first from the boat and we were pretty psyched about decent fishing. But if you look at my entry for this day, you see that all afternoon we experienced heavy rain and thunderstorms and before we finished our day the river rose 6 inches and lost its clarity.

Granny and I planned to wander around Fremont County and wade fish Tuesday. However it rained in Victor much of Monday night and we could only assume river conditions everywhere got worse. So, instead of heading out Tuesday morning, I worked on a brook trout painting all day and we left about 5 PM.

Tuesday night brought more rain and thunderstorms. Our entire drive towards Pinedale, WY was through rain. Like it often does however, skies cleared for sunset and Granny made us an awesome dinner over the campfire. We literally sat in the smoke to avoid being dinner ourselves to mosquitoes.

This morning all the rivers were a foot higher than they were on Monday. The clarity was gone and Granny and I opted to go hiking in the desert instead of fishing. We’ve hardly ever roamed around the buttes of central WY. The day turned into a really fun arrowhead hunt. Although we mostly found chips, I found one decent looking piece.

With the new surge of water, I’m painting all this week while Granny works. I’ll monitor water levels on all rivers this week, particularly the South Fork of the Snake. The South Fork is a good indicator of what goes on overall. If the water drops about a 1000 cfs by next Monday, Granny and I just may have to go on a great adventure Tuesday and Wednesday.

Last, sorry about my delayed entries this week. My internet went down and it’s been hell. Luckily, thanks to Milkfish (computer guru and angler alike!), I have a new network card and I think its all good from here on out.


  1. Erik Moncada

    Jeff, have you ever fished for the freshwater Dorado?

  2. Erik Moncada

    Never-mind 🙂

    Just looked you up.

    Fantastic fish… I was just looking for a blog on it.

  3. Jeff Currier - Global Fly Fishing

    I was on an unreal trip to Ibera Marsh. Lots of nice dorado up to 16lb. That was before blogging though!

  4. Erik Moncada

    Are you writing another book on all of your fishing adventures?

  5. Jeff Currier - Global Fly Fishing

    I want to write at least three more books. One will be stories of the Yell area. One will be of the international stories. And not quite sure on the last. I started an outline for the Yell book. Perhaps done in a couple years???

  6. Erik Moncada

    Well I am looking forward to them.

  7. Erik Moncada

    Cool arrowhead, good find

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