Sierra’s Turn – Fly Fishing with Kids

blog-June-7-2015-1-wolfeboro-bay-nhIt broke my heart last Saturday morning when Sierra pushed the canoe off with me and her cousins Montana and Sammy.  It was 5 AM and we were headed fishing to Back Bay here in Wolfeboro.  Sierra wanted to go so bad but she had morning gymnastics and an afternoon softball game.  As I suspected, after we were out of sight she broke down crying.


blog-June-7-2015-2-flyfishing-with-kidsWhen I got back and found out I cheered Sierra up by promising her a special morning in Back Bay with me all of her own for today.  Every time I saw her this week she was counting the hours.  Let’s just say it was worth the wait.


blog-June-7-2015-3-ross-reelsFirst of all, the morning was stunning.  Wolfeboro Bay was glass calm right from our dock at 5 AM till we quit at 9.  We were the only boat for the trip across to Back Bay and we heard the loons all the way.  As I always do for panfish, I rigged Sierra’s pink outfit with a small Chernobyl ant and paddled her along the edge of weeds and logs.  She ended up landing two rock bass, three bluegill and three pumpkinseeds (yes she was counting).


blog-June-7-2015-4-catching-turtlesThe highlight for her however wasn’t catching a bunch of fish.  Last Saturday with her cousins I dove over board and caught them a painted turtle to play with before letting him go.  I think deep inside Sierra wanted her “Uncle Jeff” to come through for her as well.  I did.


blog-June-7-2015-5-painted-turtlePainted Turtle

blog-June-7-2015-6-musk-turtleMusk Turtle

I still got it!

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