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Arrival into the homeland wasn’t easy on Tuesday night. It was 0º, dark as heck and our car was covered and caked in the hardest snow you ever saw. It took a half hour to thaw and chip away before Granny and I could drive. The drive to Victor was a bumpy one. The roads are covered in frozen ice chunks and old snow. The storm that rocked this place January 18-22 was a bad one with high winds and 5 feet of snow in the Tetons!
When Granny and I got home we had no chance at getting in the driveway. The snow bank the plows created were high and made of solid ice-ball- hard-packed-snow-chunks. Shoveling was hopeless. We just parked on the street and walked in the cold house.
Wednesday I tapped the shovel about three times and realized I should save my back for more important things in life. I hired someone to plow us out for the first time in 18 winters. The driveway looks real nice and I hope you like the lump in this picture. Underneath the snow is my famous trout bum car – the Dodge Aspen.
The weather is gorgeous now. It’s great sucking coffee at the house and watching the sun light up the mountains around the house. Catching up on things however, has been a grunt. The month on the road put me behind in almost every category. I’ve got some cool things going though including exciting art projects, new speaking engagements, some cool new hosted trips and a fly fishing school for April. I’ll post the details as soon as I have them.
The only bad news I have is that ice fishing on Monday and Tuesday could be out. Doug and Derek aren’t so sure about driving down from Bozeman. We’ll see. If they don’t I’ll keep playing catch up and hope to get on the ice next weekend.


  1. Erik Moncada

    And to think there is not a speck of snow here in Boise at all. The midges are hatching and the fish are starting to key into them. Your poor trout bum car will be stuck for weeks.

  2. Jeff Currier - Global Fly Fishing

    That car isn’t going anywhere anyhow. I thought it would be cool to take apart the engine a few years ago because I never did anything like that before. I got it apart. But I couldn’t get it back together. I just threw all the parts loose under the hood and shut it. She’s a gonner!

  3. Erik Moncada

    Ha ha ha ha… Good stuff. I attempted to fix one of those alarm clocks that will fit an I pod once… it ended up worse off. A gentleman came into the shop the other day and said he used to fish with you on your car… Literally ! He said you taped chairs on the roof and would wait for rising fish, then flip to see who would catch it.

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