The Long Journey to Bhutan

blog-May-16-2014-1-mike-dawes-in-tokyoMike Dawes and I are still en-route to Bhutan.  It’s a long haul.   So far it’s was the early drive from Victor to Jackson.  Then the flight from Jackson to SLC then to Portland to Tokyo and tonight we arrived in Bangkok at midnight.  It’s been 31 hours from home.   It goes fast though especially when you get to enjoy fresh sushi in the Delta crown room in Tokyo!


blog-May-16-2014-2-rafting-in-bangkokWe have 7 hours before our flight to Bhutan so we are relaxing at the Novatel hotel in Bangkok.  Relaxing because all our gear including a raft made it this far.  Yes – Dawes brilliantly came up with the idea of having our own raft for the trip and the idea passed with flying colors – fully in the budget.  It’s heavy but it’s made it half way around the world with us.


There’s nothing like escaping the airport system and getting a shower after all the flying.  As for sleep, I got about three hours during the 11 hour flight to Japan and picked up one more hour on the way to Bangkok.  Bottom line is we’re running a little ragged at this point.  That being said, I’m too wired to sleep so Dawes and I are about to nail some authentic Thai food and a couple beers then back to the airport and into the system for a 6:50 AM flight.


More by tonight when after arrival in Bhutan.


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  1. Dave McKenzie May 16, 2014 at 11:03 pm #

    Thats Awesome Jeff…Cannot wait to hear about this trip. I’m sure you will make the most of every minute!!