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Cleveland Ohio then a Yeti Cooler

Jeff Currier headlines inaugural “Reflections from the water”

I want to thank everyone that came to see my presentations this weekend at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for the Reflections on the Water event.  That was a great time and might I add the museum theater was the nicest facility I’ve ever spoke in.  If anyone that came took a photo please send it to me as I have nothing.


blog-May-1-2016-jeff-currier-snook-artI made the long trek home on Saturday then the theme of Sunday was rest, watch baseball and dabble in some art.  My medium of choice was sharpies because I had a couple Cliff Fly Box orders to complete and last but not least, a Yeti Cooler.  I’d say it’s official now, I offer my art on Yeti Coolers.


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Fly Fishing in Ohio

blog-April-28-2016-1-pike-flyfishing-in-ohioI arrived in Ohio late last night.  This is a day early for my Friday speaking engagement at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History but friend Jerry Darkes, who is hosting me and running the event, offered to take me fishing.  No sane fly fisherman would miss out fishing a cold rainy day in Ohio!


blog-April-28-2016-2-pat-kelly-fishing-ohioJerry lined us up with guide Pat Kelly of Mad River Outfitters in Columbus.  A month ago Jerry and Pat had a plan to get me on my first ever sauger on fly but the sauger run was over early this year.  Pat is a born and raised Ohioan and quite savvy when it comes to catching toothy critters with a fly rod.  He knows a few of the most southern haunts for northern pike here in Ohio so they became our quest.  In fact, Pat also fishes musky frequently and funny thing, we were both on Cave Run nearly the same day last week in Kentucky.


blog-April-28-2016-3-fly-fishing-in-ohioThe weather began no less than horrifically as you’d expect with a guy nicknamed “Monsoon”.  The rain came down in buckets for the first two hours of the trip.  There’s no boat launch where we started on the pretty section of the Cuyahoga River but the grass was so wet that Pat’s slick little raft nearly launched itself.


blog-April-28-2016-4-fishing-in-ohioThe fishing was tough.  The rain was cold so along with raising the flows and muddying things up, the water temperature dropped to where it wasn’t exactly comfortable if you’re a pike.  Half way through the day we were cold, damp and had seen exactly zero pike.


blog-April-28-2016-5-flyfishing-for-ohio-pikeI was blanked on my musky trip ten days ago.  I was skunked back to back days’ grass carping on the golf courses of Kentucky last week.  Could it be possible that I was setting up for my fourth skunk in a row for my target fish of the day?  I was certainly in danger of it when lo and behold, Jerry pulled a hammer handle pike from behind a wood pile.  Game on!


blog-April-28-2016-6-flyfishing-ohio-with-mad-river-outfittersThe three of us were going through the motions before Jerry hooked up.  But all it takes is to see a fish caught and you regain the confidence.  From then on we worked our tails off.  Pat made sure we hit every pocket even if it meant ducking under fallen trees to get there.


blog-April-28-2016-7-pileated-woodpeckerThe rain stopped in midafternoon.  The sun never appeared but it became a serene day nonetheless.  Although we have great birds in Idaho, honestly they’re nothing like the birds of the hardwood forests in the Midwest, especially during spring migration.  At least twenty different song birds went off when the rain stopped.  Their songs were absolutely mesmerizing.  Every so often they were interrupted by the drilling of a pileated woodpecker.


blog-April-28-2016-8-jeff-currier-flyfishing-ohioThe fishing didn’t exactly turn on like we hoped, we plugged away and got our total up to four pike.  The biggest was the solid 28” pike Jerry caught that kicked off this blog.  While I missed two of the three that attacked my fly, I stuck and landed one.  He’s a far cry from the pike you saw in FT3’s Turning Points North but I broke my three-day skunk nonetheless.


blog-April-28-2016-9-cuyahoga-riverIts special fishing new water.  I’ve been incredibly lucky this spring to add a new country to my list (Gabon) and a new state (Ohio).  A lot of folks don’t fish where they live.  They only trout fish out west.  For some that’s once a year.  For others it’s once every ten years.  All I can say is, “You’re crazy if I’m talking about you!”  A fish is a fish and no matter where you live.


I had a great time fishing in Ohio today.  A special thanks goes to Jerry and Pat for taking me out.  Tomorrow is a big day speaking for the Cleveland Trout Club for their Reflections on the Water event at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  I hope to see you there!


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Reflections from the Water – Cleveland, OH

I’m off to Cleveland, Ohio in a moment to speak at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History Friday afternoon and evening.  The fun event is called Reflections from the Water.  If you live anywhere near I hope you can take it in and stop by and say hi.


I will be delivering “Improve Your Fly Fishing Photography” and “Fly Fishing through Midlife Heaven”.  Of course you may notice I’m heading a day early.  There must be a day of fishing involved!


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Yard Sale – Saturday 8 till 2

The musky report will post soon but here’s a quick reminder:

Saturday is our first Yard Sale in 30 years!  Rods, Reels, Accessories, Backpacks and more from me.  And Granny has been working with Kitchen stuff for more than 20 years.  Feel free to Contact me for an early visit through the goods!

Start time is now 6:30 AM

and you should go from my house to the

East Idaho Flytying and Fishing Expo in Idaho Falls


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Kentucky Grass Carp

blog-April-18-2016-1-flyfishing-for-grass-carpWe all know the saying “Practice what you preach” but do we always follow that?  In my PowerPoint presentation “Fly Fishing for Carp” I have a section about white Amur (better known these days as grass carp).  I show photos of the persnickety carp’s different behaviors including grazing the weeds on bottom.  I go as far as to say, “Don’t waste time when grass carp are feeding on bottom.  They’re almost impossible to catch”.  Well, I just spent 90% of two days trying to fool these frustrating fish with very little luck.  Why no luck?  Because they were feeding on bottom!


Here in Kentucky my friend John Reesor told me he’s seen some giant fish when he’s golfing over the years.  John went as far as to say they look like tarpon.  Bingo!  I knew right away they were one of my favorite fly rod fish, the grass carp.  John, hasn’t golfed yet this year so we went to his golf course hoping to find them.  We did.


blog-April-18-2016-2-flyfishing-for-white-amurI haven’t fished grass carp since November of 2014 so I was pumped at their presence.  And these weren’t ordinary grass carp.  These were some big dudes.  I estimate the small ones were around 15lbs and some of the gargantuan ones, perhaps 50lbs plus!  But they weren’t behaving well.  They were feeding on bottom.


Grass carp like extremely warm weather and although this week in Kentucky has been in the high 70°s, prior to our visit it was cold and the water still hasn’t warmed up.  Therefore the grassies were doing more sunning and only occasionally feeding, all of which was on bottom.


The reason grass carp are so hard to catch when feeding on bottom is that you’re basically expecting them to find a needle (your fly) in haystack (heaps of moss and weed on bottom).  Sure, you can sink a green fly on bottom and let it set but imitating a weed means not moving the fly.  When your fly isn’t moving you can expect the grass carp to stumble into seeing your leader and hook way before he picks up the fly and eats it.


The times that I have success with grass carp is when they’re feeding on top.  For this the water must be warm and leaves, grass clippings, algae and other of their vegetarian foods must be floating.  When conditions are right it’s amazing how stupid these ridiculously spooky carp be.


blog-April-18-2016-3-flyfishing-in-kentuckyDespite all my knowledge of these fish I didn’t practice what I preach.  Instead of walking away from the unfavorable grass carp fly fishing conditions this week in Kentucky, I was possessed by the size of some of these grass carp and I fished for them hard.  About four hours two different days and zero grass carp.  And man did those grass carp laugh at us when the sprinklers went off!


You win some and you lose some.  Luckily, during my grass carp pursuit I stuck a few largemouth bass and numerous bluegill.  It’s always nice to be able to switch gears on the spot just to get a tug


blog-April-18-2016-4-flyfishing-for-tilapiaThe highlight was spotting this green sunfish nymphing his way down deep through tall weeds.  It appeared his focus was entirely subsurface for his food but I tried for him anyhow.  Up he came for my olive hopper like an overzealous bluegill.  A new species for me!  If only just one of those massive grass carp had been so cooperative!


blog-April-18-2016-5-jeff-currier-carp-fishingIt’s been a fantastic week here in Kentucky.  A special thanks to John and Better Reesor for hosting us here and taking us to Keeneland, fishing and letting me drive their Porsche!  Next is a week at home preparing for the last leg of my speaking tour which takes me to Cleveland, Ohio and then to Georgia.  And yes, there will be fishing involved.  Stay tuned. . . .


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Fly Fishing for Musky on Cave Run Lake, KY

blog-April-15-2016-1-flyfishing-Cave-Run-KentuckyIt was a stunningly beautiful morning on Cave Run Lake.  I’m not familiar with sunrise here in Kentucky but to be hypnotized by bird songs I don’t recognize and dazzled by leaves popping on every tree – no doubt it was as good as it gets.  Furthermore, I was on a guided trip fly fishing for muskellunge with Granny and our Kentucky friend, John Reesor.


blog-April-15-2016-2-flyfishing-kentuckyAfter we launched our flashy vessel, it was a short run to the first musky flat.  Our guide, Ryan Rayburn, knew exactly zero about fly fishing.  As I suspected, when Ryan was first contacted by John he was reluctant to allow fly fishing from his bass boat.  But Ryan is young, energetic and outgoing and when we arrived he was pumped with the idea.  He earned my respect quick because when he looked at my Brad Bohen fly in the water he said, “Wow – that looks better than our lures!  Our musky haven’t seen anything like that!”


blog-April-15-2016-3-flyfishing-for-muskyThere’s a lot of truth to Ryan’s comment about my fly.  I’ve musky fished for years and the monsters we pursue have had lots of hardware tossed at them.  There’s no doubt in my mind the big wise musky laugh at the concoctions and their dangling treble hooks of mass destruction.  Cave Run Lake rarely sees fly rodders and as we started casting the flies I felt plenty confident.


blog-April-16-2016-4-granny-currier-musky-fishingBut today was musky fishing.  And no matter how dazzling your flies are or how far you cast, when the musky’s aren’t hungry you aint catching them!  It was a wonderful day on the water.  The temperature touched 75° and we had hardly an ounce of wind.  It’s exactly what we love to kick back in but the opposite of what excites more than half the world’s species of fish.  We’ll take it easy tomorrow but that should include a look around some golf courses for and old favorite, Mr. white Amur (grass carp).


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Return to Kentucky for Keeneland and Fishing

blog-April-14-2016-1-granny-currier-at-keenelandGranny and I flew into Cincinnati last night then headed down to Lexington, Kentucky to visit our friends John and Betty Reesor.  We’ll be here through Monday and the trip will include two days at Keeneland for some of the finest horse racing you could dream of watching.  And yes of course, there will be some fishing.


blog-April-14-2016-2-keeneland-horseracingToday our only focus was on the racing.  We experienced Keeneland three years ago thanks to John and Betty and been aching to return ever since.  The weather was no less than spectacular.  Kentucky is blooming in every direction and you couldn’t ask for a better day.  We drank beer and sipped wine from early afternoon till evening.  Although we by no means crushed it in our bets, we won a few and didn’t lose too much money.


blog-April-14-2016-3-Keeneland-KentuckyThe final race ended at around 5 PM then John and Betty took us to Dudley’s in downtown Lexington.  I enjoyed a few of Lexington’s home brews with a scrumptious halibut plate while Granny scarfed down some scallops.  Stay tuned for tomorrow – we’re going musky fishing to the well-known Cave Run Lake.


Contact me for early viewing of rods, reels and etc

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Two Straight Weeks at Home!

blog-April-11-2016-1-jeff-currier-art-yetiIt’s been nice being home.  I’ve filled my time with bike rides, hikes, trips to the pub with friends and catching up on work.  I’ve also been doing a spring cleanup like never before.  Granny and I will be having a Yard Sale on Saturday April 23.  No doubt, I’ve accumulated some great stuff from tackle to camping gear.  Just a reminder, I ran a fly shop in a top outdoor store for 23 years.  And Granny still works around high-end kitchen supplies.  If you’re around the sale will be well worth a stop.  If not, feel free to Contact me to arrange a viewing beforehand or see what we have.


blog-April-11-2016-2-jeff-currier-cooler-artOne of the coolest things that happened the last two weeks is I joined the Yeti Ambassador Team.  I’ve been using Yeti coolers for years and can honestly say there’s not a cooler near in comparison.  Coincidentally, I was asked by a friend to decorate a couple coolers with some billfish flies and teasers.  Adds a little color if I do say so myself!


Next on the agenda, a trip to Kentucky to visit some friends, fish and enjoy Keeneland!  (See Kentucky 2013).


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Memories from Fly Fishing Gabon 2016

blog-March-27-2016-1-threadfin-on-the-fly“Mission Accomplished” is probably the shortest and sweetest way to describe this fly fishing exploratory trip to Gabon.  I traveled 18,000 miles round trip for six days of fishing with hopes to catch the giant African threadfin off the beach on the fly.  I got it done, but damn I was lucky.  This was a big one and our only off the beach out of six excellent fly fishers.


There’s two things I repeatedly say on this blog:


Keep your fly in the water & Miracles do happen in fishing


blog-March-27-2016-2-giant-african-threadfinWe packed it up on Thursday morning the 24th and I rolled back into Victor Saturday night the 26th.  That’s heading east so you’re looking at about 50 hours.  All I can say is this was a truly extraordinary trip with some outstanding catches, at least six new species for the list and best of all I spent time with old friends I don’t see and fish with enough and made some new ones.


blog-March-27-2016-2-tourette-fishingAs always, I cannot thank Mark Murray enough for his great hosting and guiding and the rest of the crew at Tourette Fishing – Fight it in Africa for getting me to Gabon.  If you want to up the ante for your next fly fishing trip be sure to check out their website and feel free to Contact me.


Here are a few more pictures from the trip. . . .

blog-March-27-2016-3-flyfishing-gabonDay 1 – the thrill of arrival – John Travis photo


Mark Murray – Fishing guide extraordinaire!


Sette Cama Camp photo

Fly fishing in Africa can come at a price. . . . Nile crocodile

Mark Murray photo

Mark Murray photo

Mike LaSota with a longfin jack (Caranx fisheri)

blog-March-27-2016-8-flyfishing-gabonMy headlamp survived after the threadfin episode

blog-March-27-2016-9-fly-fishing-GabonEndless casting in hopes for a giant African threadfin (Polydactylus quadrifilis)

blog-March-27-2016-10-jeff-currier-flyfishing-gabonLongfin Jacks are the bullies of Gabon

blog-March-27-2016-11-jeff-currier-mike-lasota-flyfishing-gabonOccasionally we humans reverse that!

blog-March-27-2016-12-john-travis-photoForest Elephant – another incredible John Travis photo

Mark Murray photo

Mark Murray photo

Arno Van Dernest with a monster tarpon off the beach!

blog-March-27-2016-14-conrad-botes-gabonConrad Botes casting in the estuary

blog-March-27-2016-15-gabon-fishingFly tying material thief caught red pawed

blog-March-27-2016-16-jeff-currier-GabonGabon – home of the longfin jack

blog-march-27-2016-17-coming-back“We need to do this trip again next year”

Sette Cama Camp photo

Sette Cama Camp photo

Flyfishing in Africa comes at a price in many ways – the dangerous hippo!

blog-March-27-2016-18-longfin-jack-crevalleShear power – longfin jack crevalle

blog-March-27-2016-19-mike-lasotaShort visit with friend Mike LaSota because when not fishing he was always sleeping


African cubera snapper (Lutjanus agennes) – the reason I ate Advil all the way home!

blog-March-27-2016-21-jeff-currier-in-gabonWhat a way to end my hectic winter schedule

Garth Wellman photo

Garth Wellman photo

Until next time

Trips like this would not be possible without the best in tackle and friends.  In addition to Tourette Fishing I’d like to thank Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, Yeti, Winston Fly Rods, Costa Sunglasses, Scientific Anglers, Simms, Galvan Reels, Hatch Reels, Bauer Reels and Kate’s Real Foods.


Where’s my beer sponsor?

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