Saving A Snapping Turtle

blog-June-9-2015-1-jeff-currier-saving-a-snapping-turtleJust when I thought I closed the books on fly fishing in New Hampshire 2015 along came one more event worth mentioning.  While driving down highway 28 on the way to Manchester Airport today this common snapping turtle was crossing.  It makes me sick that people run over a slow moving animal like a turtle but it happens all the time.


blog-June-9-2015-2-common-snapping-turtleWhen I saw this beauty I locked up the brakes and ran to prevent oncoming traffic from flattening him.  I hoisted him by his tail and kept clear of his snapping jaws for a picture.  Then I released him in the nearby river far from the road.


Go Cubs!

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One Response to “Saving A Snapping Turtle”

  1. Howie June 15, 2015 at 11:33 pm #

    You haven’t changed a bit. Great stories. Stop in iron river on your way back from michigan. Doors always open and the largemouth are going crazy.