Ladies Day on the Renteria River

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blog-July-23-2014-1-flyfishing-with-the-ladiesAlthough I rarely make a cast, “ladies day” is one of my favorite days of the year (2013, 2012).  I row Granny and our friend Jessica Chitwood down a river I’ve been meaning to explore.  Some years it’s a bust but sometimes the girls roust a good number of fish.  This year I chose the Renteria River and in addition added a third lady to the boat, friend Pam Parkins (Rob Parkins wife).


blog-July-23-2014-2-flyfishing-with-jeff-currierWe got an early start because it’s a long haul to the river and as you can imagine organizing three wild women ready to have a good time can be a task.  Even with the early start I wasn’t squeezing the boat under a dangerously tight swallow infested bridge until 8 AM.  It was a creepy one but once we cleared the obstacle the rest of the day was a synch.


blog-July-23-2014-3-jessica-chitwoodFishing with the ladies is a 100% dry fly day.  Somehow ladies drinking beers and sipping wine isn’t a good combo for casting streamers or multiple nymphs.  This rule is generally fine being that it’s mid July and you can count on fishing big dry flies or at least parachute Adams with results anywhere in Idaho.


blog-July-23-2014-4-flyfishing-for-brook-troutThe Renteria produced a good outcome.  I’m guessing the ladies caught twenty or more trout including brookies, rainbows and the random cutthroat.  Had the wine consumption been trimmed at lunch the afternoon session could have been a bit more successful.  But the ladies were passengers with me for the drive home so they raged and at least another twenty trout were missed because of late hook sets (or no attempt at all) and shake-offs because line control was a thing of the past by 2 PM.


blog-July-23-2014-5-ladies-dayI usually Google Earth all water I’ve never floated before floating.  Had I done so I would have noticed the small lake we had to pass through today.  Had it been windy, rowing through the lagoon like place could have been a difficult situation to say the least.  Luckily the short lake crossing was a relaxing cigar break – yes – Jess surprised us with Cohiba cigars.


blog-July-23-2014-6-damsel-fliesDuring the crossing we witnessed an insane damsel fly hatch.  If I was a better photographer I’m sure this photo of the blue damsel resting on a floating seed could have been a classic!


blog-July-23-2014-7-jess-chitwood-flyfishingI kept the ladies out late.  I wasn’t reeling the boat up on the trailer until 7 PM.  Sure, we could have fished the evening caddis hatch, which I’ll admit was getting strong as we left, but if I did I’d of been loading the girls in the Exploder like sleeping kids.  They put in a full day and were completely worn out.


blog-July-23-2014-8-jessica-chitwood-flyfishingAnother fun ladies day is in the books.  Next time on the water will be Friday with my good friends Gary and Cooper Eckman.  You should know by now Gary is the reason I get to fish in the One Fly.  His son Cooper hasn’t been on the blog in a few years so I’m really looking forward to a day with him.


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