Never Stop Casting

by | Nov 25, 2022 | dave whitlock | 1 comment

flyfishingGranny and I did some beach hopping today.  I even worked some rocky areas with hopes of some odd species or a snapper.  But attempts were unsuccessful in all locations.  Once again the surf was big and although I fought it, I could not find a fish.  No complaints however.  I’m in Baja with my lady.  Its warm.  Its sunny.  And every time I make a cast into that Pacific blue ocean, I’m fishing – and anything can happen!


Currier-WhitlockOn another note, we lost one of the nicest, most genuine and coolest guys in our sport, Dave Whitlock.  More than 30 years ago I first met Dave.  I approached him to sign his book to me.  It turned in to a 30 minute visit and I left with much more than an autograph.  Over the years working fly fishing shows together we became friends.  Dave was a mentor, an inspiration and someone I’ll always look up to.  One of my fondest memories was when Dave and I were the key speakers for a Simms Ice Out Event in Montana.  When we finished our regular work day, we spread out at a table and did artwork together while folks enjoyed.  Thanks for all you brought to me and our sport Dave – RIP!


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  1. Howie

    RIP Dave Whitlock. Always enjoyed his articles and art in various media. What an honor to have known him personally!

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