Memories from South Africa and Lesotho

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blog-Dec-1-2015-1-jeff-and-granny-currierIt’s the end of an absolutely special trip through South Africa and Lesotho.  Granny and I are presently somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean on one of the longest flights in the world – Johannesburg to Atlanta enroute home.  We left Sterkfontein Dam Sunday with Tim Babich and Ryan Hammond and drove to Johannesburg.  The guys dropped Granny and I off at friend Gerhard Laubscher’s and we spent the remainder of that day and today with he and his wife.  We had an absolute blast and enjoyed a night on the town at one of their favorite restaurants.


All we can say is we shouldn’t have waited so long to visit our South African friends.  We had the best time imaginable and we can’t thank Craig and Coreta Smith, Edward Truter, Rob and Keith of Tourette Fishing and Gerhard, Tim and Ryan of FlyCastaway for all the generous time you spent with us.  PLEASE come visit Granny and I so we can show you guys our fantastic backyard – because we’re coming back!


Here are a few more pics from the trip.

blog-Dec-1-2015-2-knysna-elephantsKnysna Elephants

blog-Dec-1-2015-3-craig-smith-jeff-currierMe and Craig Smith getting ready to fly fish for kob and Garrick

blog-Dec-1-2015-4-fishing with Ed TruterEdward Truter with a largemouth bass on the Gourits River

blog-Dec-1-2015-5-craig-smith-jeff-currierMy first dusky kob on fly

blog-Dec-1-2015-6-fishing-for-yellowfishSmallmouth yellowfish on the Swamp Donkey fly

blog-Dec-1-2015-7-lesotho-yellowfishMakhangoa Community Fishing CampTourette FishingLesotho

blog-Dec-1-2015-8-flyfishing-lesothoSmallmouth yellowfish from Lesotho

blog-Dec-1-2015-9-smallmouth-yellowfishSmallmouth yellowfish

blog-Dec-1-2015-10-sterkfontein-damSterkfontein Dam with FlyCastaway

blog-Dec-1-2015-11-knysna-south-africaSunset on Knysna the first day of our trip

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