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Hard to believe I haven’t posted a fishing day since last Monday. But, I got very, very, very busy with art and other things and they have kept me off the water. I was supposed to fish on Friday. Pete Erickson and I were headed for Boulder Lake in Pinedale, Wyoming. However, Pete got booked to guide and I got asked to head up to the Henry’s Fork to meet Chris Patterson to do some voiceover for the movie we filmed in Africa last November. You may remember I went to Tanzania to film a segment of the new Confluence Film fly fishing movie “Connect”.

Basically a voiceover is simply is fixing where my voice didn’t record well and adding a few other thoughts for parts of the film. I met Chris at the TroutHunter for breakfast then we went up to a quiet spot up in Box Canyon. First of all, let me tell you, this movie will be unbelievable! I saw my segment and was very impressed. Chris got the most exciting fly fishing footage I have ever seen and the way he pieced the story together is fantastic. All I can say is be prepared to see the best of Africa, wildlife including hippos and crocs that would scare Tarzan along with some of the most impressive tigerfish on the face of the earth! This movie, complete with segments from Japan, Cuba, Yellowstone and more will be complete in October. The first showing is in Bozeman on October 7th and then it hits the road to show throughout the US and Canada. And it will be available for sale in fly shops as well as from my website by November 1st.

I got home Friday afternoon from the voiceovers and Ian of South Fork Lodge sent me an email that three of my paintings were sold out of the lodge gallery and he needed more. Heck, I’ve been irresponsibly fishing all over the last year. I don’t have back stock. Needless to say I have been painting constantly all weekend and completed two pieces, a brown and a Snake River cutthroat. However, only the cutty will head for the framer tomorrow. After about 12 hours of work, during the last seconds of completion I carelessly spattered the brown trout piece with micro dots of red ink. I am mortified. Pressed for time and 12 hours is lost! This is a 12” x 16” original watercolor that I sell unframed for $900!

It happened an hour ago and I’m starting to recover as there’s nothing I can do. If anyone wants it I’d sell it as is for $300. Honestly, if you’re further away than 6 feet you can’t see the dots. See it here and feel free to inquire to see a high res of it so you can look at it and see how bad it is.

Finally some good news, I’m fishing with Tom Montgomery and John Simms tomorrow down in Pinedale. I think after today and not fishing in nearly a week, it will be good thing. Then I’ll take Granny somewhere on Wednesday. Stay tuned!


  1. AYearOnTheFly

    That sucks! I’ve had that happen before and its heartbreaking. You still got great stuff and some lucky guy is going to pick up a nice piece cheap. Congrats on the success of selling those other works though.

  2. Erik Moncada

    Looking forward to the film

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