Hefty Peacock Bass Bring Big Smiles

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macaws-amazonI’ve talked mostly about fishing this week but the Amazon has many more treats beyond the fish.  There are lots of animals, reptiles and birds.  The first two you rarely get to see because they hide so well in the rainforest, but the birdlife is incredible.  The ones I enjoy most each morning are the flocks of screeching macaws when I step out on to the boat deck with my coffee.


predator-eyesToday I fished with Greg Ellenburg.  Greg was who I hung out with last week upon my arrival in Manaus.  He’s the first new friend I made on this trip when we had a good time down at the Manaus fish market.  Now it was time to see some living fish together.


Marie-River-Amazon-BasinWe are way downstream at the boundary of the Untamed Angling Marié River waters.  Our mothership, Untamed Amazon, is literally parked a mile away from this border.  The river is larger and wider down here and word is that there are lots of big fish.  But the lockjaw we experienced yesterday with the larger peacocks carried into our boat this morning.


Jeff-Currier-paca-peacockBefore lunch wasn’t a total bust though.  We fished with Mexico fishing Guide Charlie.  Charlie guides the peacock bass season then moves back north to guide the flats of Ascension Bay for the Palometa Club.  He had some good spots up his sleeve and he got me on my most handsome paca of the trip.  Although this fish isn’t a big boy like some of my catches earlier in the week, to me he’s the most stunning looking and a prize to catch!


huge-peacock-bassWe had lunch with my boat mate of yesterday, John, and another fun guy from Mike Michalak’s group, Bill.  John and Bill were fishing together today and crushed it this morning.  John landed an 18lb and Bill got a 20lb and a 23lb!  23 pounds is the biggest of the week.  Congrats Bill!


Scientific-AnglersAfter hearing about the luck John and Bill had over lunch, my hopes were high for the afternoon.  Greg was deeply craving a big peacock.  He hadn’t caught one yet this week.  My only advice to him was don’t give up  and keep his fly in the water.  Sometimes the fish gods keep track of your efforts and the number of casts.  Lo and behold, Greg’s efforts and casts would soon pay off.


Jungle-fly-fishingGreg hooked into one of the scrappier peacocks I’ve seen all week.  It damn near pulled him overboard twice.  And if you’re wondering how this can happen I’ll tell you once again.  For 15 seconds huge peacock bass pull as hard as any fish on the planet.  With all the logs in the water down here in the Amazon River, if you let them run you lose them every time.  Therefore we are fishing straight 50lb fluorocarbon to a 60lb core Jungle Taper Fly Line.  We set our drags nearly as tight as we can and HANG ON TIGHT!  They’ll take some line from you but not much.


Untamed-AnglingIts always a thrill for me to watch someone catch an extremely special fish.  This undoubtedly will be one of the great fish of Greg’s life.  He landed a mighty 14lb temensis in full colors.  In fact, these are all gorgeous fish but I’ll go as far as to say this is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen in my life.  A truly phenomenal fish!


Greg-Ellenburg-fishingAfter measuring and weighing the electric colored peacock we eased over to shore and had Greg hop out of the boat to handle his fish.  I always worry about the hazards of dropping a big fish on the hard deck of a boat.  Getting in the water is best.  Greg relished in the moment while I sizzled off a bunch of nice pics.


Amazon-River-FishingWe had another hour to fish after Greg’s catch but I’ll admit, we took it easy.  I got Greg to join me in a beer and I iced my elbow.  I haven’t said much the last couple days but I’m in a ton of pain.  Thank goodness for Advil and Tiger Baum.  But this problem is new territory for my aging body and a huge concern.


Untamed-AnglingEvery night after fishing on the Untamed Amazon is wonderful.  It helps when you have a great group of guys.  We had a heck of a fun cocktail hour then as usual, chef Fabrizio stuffed us to the hilt with and elegant meal.


Amazon-thunderstormAfter dinner Mike and I hit the deck for the light show of the century.  Perhaps a hundred miles away was a wild flashing thunderstorm.  We could see the towering clouds and they were dancing with lightening.  So much so I could actually grab a couple pics of it.


Tomorrow is the last day.  How time flies when you’re having a great time.  Buckle those seatbelts!

If this is a trip you want to do (and you are crazy if you don’t!) you can Contact me, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures or Untamed Angling.


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  1. RM Lytle

    The color variations on these big peacocks, even just the dimorphic patterning between members of the same species, always gets me… so cool! That paca? I hope you intend to paint that specific fish. What a wild looking fish.

  2. Jeff

    RM that is an intense looker of a paca and yes, I do plan to paint him. He will look killer on a white coffee mug. Thanks for reading the blog!

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