Practice for Pacu – Carping Again

July 8, 2013


I wandered back to my carp lakes to fly fish with Tom Hansen.  It was Tom’s idea to treat me to Bolivia later this month with Skip Brittenham who I took carping on Saturday.


blog-July-8-2013-1-fly-fishing-for-carpConditions didn’t favor carping today.  Last night we experienced major thunderstorms with rain and wind.  Undoubtedly the surface temperature of the first carp lake was colder than normal.  Carp prefer warm water.  At 8 AM with Skip on Saturday there were carp everywhere, today there were none.


blog-July-8-2013-2-fly-fishing-for-carpLuckily that changed by noon but so did the weather.  There were carp but also high winds blowing precisely in our face.  I learned that Tom is a heck of a caster and he is as passionate about catching fish that he sees as much as I.  He didn’t seem to care about the wind and persistently cast to carp after carp and finally hooked and landed a nearly completely scaled mirror.  I snuck in a few cast today as well and landed two on a Chernobyl and one on a Vladi nymph.


blog-July-8-2013-3-Tom-HansenLess than three weeks from now we’ll be fishing dorado together in Bolivia.  However there’s another fish I want to catch badly there that lumbers along like a carp, that’s the pacu.  Pacu is a large fruit and nut eating piranha looking fish.  There’s several species of pacu found in the Amazon basin of South America but the one in Bolivia is the big dog.  I need one!  This carping is good practice.


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9 Responses to “Practice for Pacu – Carping Again”

  1. David McKenzie July 13, 2013 at 11:44 am #

    What’s the deal with the ID mirrors? I dont think I’ve seen a run of the mill common from there. Those fish are really unique.

  2. Jeff July 13, 2013 at 1:14 pm #

    I’ve never seen a common on Blackfoot but I have on other lakes. But your observation is correct, we have very few non-mirrors here and it is very peculiar. l like it though!


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