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flyfishing-travelI finished up the 2024 “Winter” fly fishing speaking tour in Canada earlier this week.  While most the season has been easy traveling gig to gig, the snow finally caught up with me.  I was hindered by heavy snow in Lethbridge, Alberta and dealt with the white stuff right through my final presentation on Monday night in Calgary.


fly-fishingTuesday morning I flew home from Calgary through Minneapolis then on to Duluth.  It was snowing hard in MN and I was delayed on both flights but eventually I found myself at the airport parking lot where I first had to find my Exploder, then dig out from all the snow.  I rolled into a wintery yet scenic Hayward, WI around 9 PM.  I was bushed!


flyfishingI’m always relieved at the end of show season.  While I only did 35 presentations this year, it’s all the homework for each one in between.  Being able to deliver good talks requires constant devotion.  I’ve worked almost every day since returning from Borneo back in December.  Wednesday morning was the first where I could kick back with a cup of coffee and watch the snow fall instead of sitting in front of a computer screen getting ready for the next show.


Yeti-artThis week was Bhutan boot camp.  I’ve been training all winter for another golden mahseer expedition that I leave for on April 8th.  This week however I kicked it into gear with long snowy bike rides and running in my Sorels.  I’m also diligent with my shoulder PT working the rubber bands and light weights daily.  The exercise really helps and no doubt I’ll reap the benefits of being stronger when rowing down the Himalayan rivers and wading the heavy currents.


flyfishing-film-tourFriday night our local fly shop, the Hayward Fly Fishing Company, hosted the F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour.  The event was used as a fundraiser for the Wild Rivers Conservancy which works to protect my home waters of the St. Croix and Namekagon River.  I helped raise a substantial chunk of change.  Yeti kindly sent me a cooler and I drew a musky on top while folks watched.  The event sold a heap of $10 raffle tickets for the cooler and the winner was drawn after the movie.  It was an awesome evening and a rare occasion where I do an event then sleep in my own bed!


sharpie-artIts Easter morning now and I’m up early watching the sunrise.  Once I get some coffee in me I’ll be finishing up another project of the week.  I’m painting a brook trout for a commission piece.  Man its nice to be home!


And this piece in the photo is a couple of firsts.  It’s the first time I’ve done art on a Mukluk boot.  And my first narwhal whale piece.  Done while in Canada last week.


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  1. Howie

    I love the fact that your art apears.in everything!

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