Fishing on the Fringe of a Hurricane

by | Nov 18, 2020 | fly fishing Ascension Bay Mexico

flyfishing-mexicoI knew at about 2 AM that even if we were fishing today, it likely wouldn’t be an on time departure.  The wind shook my room and heavy rain pelted the windows.  While there’s some glass most are made up of screens and fancy wooden blinds to keep the rain out.  Well, the rain was so heavy and driven sideways from the wind that the rain got in.  That’s because Hurricane Iota is raging to the south of us.


Simms-fishingAt breakfast I looked out to the open ocean and the rain had stopped.  It was cloudy and blowing 30 MPH so conditions were far from promising.  But then came the news from Pato.  He thought if Jerry and I didn’t mind a trip in the truck to board the flats boat on the protected side of Punta Pájeros Island we could give it a try.  Do I need to say more?


Mexico-fishingReally, all Jerry and I wanted to do was kill some time so we didn’t sit around the lodge all day.  And of course, why not catch a fish?  Surely we could find a few bonefish.  Of we went.


tarponSurprisingly we had a break in the weather.  No doubt, it was a sucker hole.  But it lasted until 11 AM.  The wind was ripping but it was partly sunny and there were a few fish around.  Jerry kicked us off by jumping a baby tarpon right by the mouth of the Casa Blanca Lodge channel.


barracudaWhile Jerry kept fishing we saw a small blacktip shark and several barracudas.  I had my 9-weight Winston Air rigged with a popper on 80lb Fluorocarbon.  I’m aware that both these predator fish have teeth sharp enough to cut heavy line like a hot knife through butter but I tried anyway.  And dang it if the first cuda I hooked didn’t bite me off fast.  I was lucky though and got my fly back because the popper got shook and floated back up.


mojarraMeanwhile Jerry had very few shots a bonefish.  Not only was it nearly impossible to see a fish with the mix of clouds, blue holes, wind and glare, but also the bones were far and few between.  The water seemed cooler than normal and we’re thinking the fish are hiding in deeper water during the front.  Jerry made a cast at a bonefish and while he didn’t get the bone he got this cartoonish looking yellowfin mojarra.


Currier-MexicoLucky for me I’d manage to avoid a blank today by catching a bonefish.  I actually hook all three of the only ones I saw.  But one came off after his screaming run.  The second went around some mangroves and freed himself.  Then finally, this last one I got.


rainoutAfter I released that bonefish we got hit with a full on deluge of rain.  It was so heavy our rain jackets were essentially useless because the rain would simply hit you in the face and roll down inside.  We packed it in at noon and this afternoon I took a well needed nap.


hurricane-IotaTonight we took the truck down to Playa Blanca Fishing Lodge and we were dinner guests there.  It was a blast because I knew almost all the guests.  There was the Jackson Hole clan ranging from the McDowell’s, to Kay Jones, Libby Alcorn and a few of Victor, Idaho’s WorldCast Anglers crew.  Man, the folks where I live love to travel and fish!


We’ll see what tomorrow brings but as of bedtime, it doesn’t look good.


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