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fishing-MexicoThree weeks ago I was waiting for Granny to finish physical therapy for her shoulder when I got a text from Team USA Fly Fishing manager and sponsor, Jerry Arnold.  Jerry was checking up on Granny, but Jerry also threw in, “If she’s doing well you should consider joining me in Mexico first week of November”.


I knew it was a long shot but when I told Granny my predicament she said she’ll be fine.  Luckily, seeing her progress since that text, I’ve made the right choice.  I’m off to Mexico today!


Casa-Blanca-fishingI left my house at 4:45 AM on a dark but pleasant drive and caught the Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City flight.  Then from Salt Lake I flew directly to Cancun.  I popped from customs and met Jerry and we hustled to a charter flight and flew 45 minutes south to the private landing strip of Casa Blanca Fly Fishing Lodge.


fishing-permitIt’s a short boat ride from the runway and when we hit the dock we were greeted by staff.  Some took our bags directly to our room while the host took us to the main lodge for welcome beers and snacks.  Living in style as they say.


mexico-fishingAfter greetings Jerry and I moved into our rooms.  It’s a spacious set up with a remarkable ocean view and air conditioning.  I covered my extra beds in flies, Bauer Reels and Winston’s.


permit-fishingJerry and I are here for a week and will enjoy six days of fishing.  The flats here are full of bonefish as well as good numbers of permit and the occasional tarpon.  Naturally there are a bunch of other cool fish as well that don’t get all the glory.  You know I’ll be after them all.  This should be a great week!


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  1. Janet Holmes a Court

    What about flying from Mexico to Tassie for Worlds end of November ??

  2. Matt Simms

    Hi Jeff, looks like you been having a fun fall. That snapper on insta looked great.
    I’m heading to Mexico this March and curious if you had any diy advice for shore fishing a bit north of Ascension Bay. I’ll get a day guided in further south but I was curious about the beach fishing between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. We’re staying at the north end of Akumal and I should have a point/beach/point to fish after a quick snorkel across a cenote. I’ll bring an 8 and 9 and a spinning rod, and too many flies. Whatya think?

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