The “Currier’s” Homeless Plan

by | Nov 7, 2021 | Jeff Currier Flyfishing

Jeff-Granny-CurrierThe reason you haven’t had a blog to read since October is Granny and I sold our Victor, Idaho home of 29 years and had to be out on November 1st.  The last two weeks were the most stressful and daunting time in either of our lives.  Packing and transporting our remaining things to storage, turning off bills and a relocation plan cost us many sleepless nights.  And simply wondering if we are making the right move. . . . its intense!


But our minds are better in only a short time.  First of all we left the house Sunday morning October 31st after a big sendoff party at the Knotty Pine with great friends.  Thanks for beers and dinner everyone.  And same to the Jackson buddies who threw me one at the Wort Hotel earlier in the week.  We already miss you all, but the sendoff felt good.  We know we’ll see all these great folks again soon.  And Victor too when I do some live art at WorldCast on December 20th just like years past.


troutbum-carsYou see an older gal in some of these photos – that’s my mom.  She lives in NH.  When I spoke and fished in Cape Cod three weeks ago mom mentioned over the phone she was sad she would never visit our house in Victor again and see HER mom’s car which I drove for 517,000 miles from college till I was 43.  I told her I was flying back to Idaho from Boston when my Cape Cod gig was over and invited her.  I never in my right mind thought she would join me.  But she did!  I flew her back to Idaho with me October 22 and she watched Granny and I pack it up.  We had a blast for a week with no furniture!


currier-flyfishingWhen we left the house Oct 31 Granny went to Jackson Hole to continue with her job.  Her boss is so desperate for help she got Granny an apartment and she has it for free until December 20th.  I travel so much till December 16th (dropped boat off in WI Nov 2, arrived in NH Nov 4, heading for AZ for a speaking tour and grass carp fishing today, hosting two Yellow Dog Seychelles trips between Nov 24 and Dec 9, then to Dubai and Oman to fish on the way home) that there was no reason for Granny to be in limbo.  Her Jackson gig is great for six weeks.  On December 19 I fly to Jackson Hole to pick her up and drive all the way back to NH for Christmas with family.



One last look under the Tetons

Mom is turning 80 soon yet she took the copilot job in the 1991 Exploder all the way to NH.  We took the long route too through northern WI where I dropped my boat off in Iron River.  I am impressed my Exploder made it towing a boat full of stuff!  Then we continued on through a snowy UP of WI and MI then down south and east to NH.  Mom and I had a blast and it was really nice to spend time with her one on one for the first time in years.


WolfeboroMy time in NH was short as I really am on a flight to AZ today for three days of speaking at the Phoenix fly fishing clubs.  And oh yea, I love fly fishing for grass carp!  I’ll get back to NH next weekend and start getting ready for the big trips.  Then we’ll figure out the rest in the new year!


That’s all I have for today.  I know, it was a little boring but get ready to see some nice grassies throughout the week!


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From there I headed west to work a few years in the Yellowstone region to simply work as much as most people fish and fish as much as most people work. I did just that, only it lasted over 20 years working at the Jack Dennis Fly Shop in Jackson, WY where I departed in 2009. Now it’s time to work for "The Man", working for myself that is.

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