Sammy Brings his Game Face for Huge Pike in AK

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Midnight-Sun-PatriotThe weather continues to test us here in Alaska’s Yukon Drainage while fishing with the Midnight Sun.  Though the rain let up in time for fishing, it was freezing.  It’s the damp cold.  The kind of cold that penetrates through your bones.  But, we layered up with all we have, left the Patriot Mothership and went.  I’ll take a little suffering any day if there’s a chance to catch a fish of a lifetime.


Scott-RowekampSammy and I were back together fishing with Scott.  I haven’t said much about the guides Scott and Wade but its time – they are superb hard working guides.  They know these waters and the habits of pike and sheefish like you can’t believe.  Furthermore, they aren’t just our guides.  When we aren’t fishing from noon till 9 PM they do all the cooking and cleaning for us too.  It’s a 24/7 job up here and Steve, Therese, Sammy and I are very much appreciating it.


We took the skiffs and made about an hour run down river and through a few sloughs until we reached a beautiful lake.  As Scott eased us in he pulled out an 8” pink concoction of a fly that he tied this morning.  Scott said, “Big fly big fish” and handed it to me.


Sammy-VigneriWhat the heck I thought.  I went with it and right away I had a few fish show interest.  However it wasn’t the kind of interest where they devoured the fly.  It was more of them taking a look then disappearing only to reappear a few seconds later on Sammy’s fly.  For the first couple hours I woke the pike up and Sammy caught them.



I seldom get out fished by anyone but Sammy was doing it.  Honestly, I enjoy watching others catch fish unless I’m in a tournament, however this was ridiculous.  Four hours in Sammy had five fish over 40” including his 3rd 47 incher of the trip!  I had only one.  He was fishing his “Man Bear Pig” fly that he introduced us all to on Day 1.


flyfishingI’m stubborn when it comes to changing flies but I’m no dummy either.  When Sammy offered me a Man Bear Pig exactly like his I took it and fished like a madman for the rest of the day.  Though Sammy’s amazing performance continued, at least I started nailing a few.  In the end it was a great day for me too with a few pike over 40”.  And it turns out Steve and Therese also had a great day with Wade.  Therese landed a 46”!


northern-pikeA glimpse of sun poked out this evening.  It’s been so long we weren’t sure what the gold glow was.  Sunshine makes things a bit warmer but also prettier.  It was an enjoyable boat ride home.  We saw some moose along the way also.  Now it’s time for some dinner and sleep.  Back at it in the morning.


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  1. Tad Einloth


    Fantastic adventure!


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