First Trout from the New Waters

by | Jun 19, 2022 | trout fishing in Wisconsin | 2 comments

trout-WisconsinThere are numerous trout rivers to choose from here in Wisconsin.  I know that’s a surprise to most.  But its true.  Only a short distance any direction from our new place in Hayward there are trout streams.  I hardly know much about them and I’m sure many have mainly little brookies, but supposedly some of the larger rivers are excellent brown trout fisheries.


fixer-upperGranny and I are still plugging away on the fixer upper house.  Granny is staining our decks this weekend as we have beautiful weather.  I get into all kinds of tasks from adding Tyvek to our foundation to indoor website work to a little more unpacking.  This morning I felt like a three hour Euro nymphing practice session to help me for the upcoming Worlds was in order.


flyfishingNymphing isn’t my favorite.  I’d much rather fish dries all day even if I was blind fishing.  But in order to catch a lot in a competition in Europe you need to nymph.  I rigged up two flies – nothing fancy by the way, I went with two Pheasant tails, and waded in.


The river I was on is no less than gorgeous.  The only drawback is that there’s a ton of shallow water along with slow moving frog water (really slow) and hardly any deep pools with current.  I managed a few small browns from the shallow rapids and more shiners and chubs like a few days back.  Finally, after a mile hike upstream, I found the pool I’ve been looking for.


brown-troutIt didn’t take long.  I was standing waist deep and working my nymphs deep along the bottom.  You know your flies are in a good place when you feel your point fly bouncing bottom.  I went tight and lifted with a quick hook-setting twitch of the wrist.  The fish was on.


Wisconsin-troutWhile this sizeable brown trout never jumped, it was a heck of a fight.  I’m guessing most trout here in WI have not been caught.  What in turn happens is they fight like the dickens.  I’m certain they think their life is over.  Lucky for this guy it wasn’t and I sent him back to where he belongs.


I kept the day short.  I was on the water a mere 2.5 hours.  Now it’s back to helping Granny with the house.  Happy Father’s Day everyone!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Tad

    Nice catch!


  2. Jeff

    Thanks! Pretty excited. BUT, I think tomorrow perhaps some pike and maybe a musky!

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