A Man of the All-Nighters

blog-July-11-2016-1-jeff-currier-flybox-artNot sure why but when I have a massive assignment I can’t go a minute without thinking about it.  It’s in my DNA.  About a week ago I took on an unfathomable task of decorating twenty Cliff Bugger Beast Fly Boxes with my Sharpie art for the Sweetwater River Conservancy in Alcova, Wyoming.   Not on just one side of the fly boxes but BOTH (forty drawings).  Furthermore, with delivery required by July 20th!


blog-July-11-2016-2-jeff-currier-clif-flyboxWhen I hung the phone after saying “yes I can do these” I got worried.  Making it worse, I couldn’t start ASAP because I had to wait for my blank Cliff Boxes to arrive.  They were in route when I was fishing with my South African friends.  I continued my uneasiness feeling so much that when I got home from fishing Friday and saw the blank boxes had arrived I decided that’s it, I’m sitting down and doing them all.  I started Friday afternoon at 4 PM and finished them at 9:30 Sunday night.  I took three naps and watched a heck of a lot of baseball but the job is successfully done!


Ladies day on the river tomorrow!


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One Response to “A Man of the All-Nighters”

  1. Howie July 19, 2016 at 8:50 pm #

    Ha ha classic Currier! I remember a few all nighters actually studying for Verch’s Biology Class. Well done, because there is no way I can do it anymore.