Grounded to Idaho

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photo by Jim Klug

Granny and I should be on Aitutaki Atoll in the Cook Islands as I write.  I should be posting all kinds cool fish from colorful wrasses from the reef to huge bonefish from the flats.  Instead, just like most of you reading, I’m only dreaming about saltwater fly fishing and Granny and I are in the good ole USA dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.


fly-fishingDespite a scare, Granny wasn’t laid off from work on Monday like she expected.  We were stoked.  Granny works retail in Jackson Hole and although she’s only had about a customer or two a day since the pandemic started, her boss continues to keep the doors open.  But unfortunately, last night the governor of Idaho made it law that all Idahoans must remain at home for the next 21 days.  We are both officially out of work with nowhere to go.


Jeff-Currier-fishingI’ve been home catching up on numerous things.  The most daunting has been cancelling, postponing and rescheduling my next four months of speaking engagements.  I’ve also had to cancel two fishing trips to the Czech Republic including a trip to the World Championships of Fly Fishing.  My updated schedule looks about as sad as I could ever imagine.


fly-rodsIn spite of all the dark news, we plan to make the best of things.  Like many Americans stuck at home, we’ve been spring cleaning.  For me, spring cleaning means a yard sale is on the way.  While I won’t be selling any gear from the companies I represent, I do have a wide range of older model fly rod, reels, clothing and a ton of miscellaneous items from DB Dun Rod Carriers to fly boxes to tippet dispensers.  If you’re in need of a rod, reel or anything special, feel free to Contact Me and I’ll tell you what I have.  There will be epic deals!


owlsMy top priority while being grounded is to get in shape.  The show season takes its toll with long days inside, extensive travel and bad eating.  Getting sick as hell in February didn’t help either.  Since returning home I’ve been working out ranging from lifting weights to running, biking and hiking.  My hikes have been through the forests around Victor and the other day I ran into an incredible treat.  This is a great gray owl that I enjoyed for more than 30 minutes at very close range.  By no means are great grays a threatened species, however seeing them is a rarity.


Victor-IdahoThe weather has been crappy to say the least.  While some friends have been out fishing, I’ve been plugging away on all the above.  I can only take so much however and will soon hit the water.  Stay tuned.  Stay healthy.  And let’s get through this dang thing soon!


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  1. Dan Yeast

    Enjoy the time off! The best part of the quarantine is the family time! Stay safe!!

  2. Jeff

    You too Dan!!

  3. Lane

    Jeff, you two think you had coronavirus in February and didn’t know it? Crazy

  4. Jeff

    Lane, I doubt it but I hope that we did and hopefully its one and done! It was bad though. Really the sickest I’ve been in years. Granny was bad too.

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