End of the Season Celebrations!

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I ran the Jack Dennis Fly Shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for over 20 years.  Those were some of the best years of my life and I made many lifelong friendships.  At the end of each season we had a fishing party.  Almost everyone went on the fun day.  We caught a lot of fish and shared our summer experiences. 

In 2009 I gave up my job to pursue my art and speaking career.  Leaving the fly shop and my friends was difficult.  After I left, the shop went through many changes.  The owners split and soon there were two shops battling for control.  The end result is that some of my fellow employees just bought the guide business.  It will no longer called Jack Dennis/Snake River Fishing Trips.  The terrific guide service now goes by Grand Teton Fly Fishing and through them you can fish all the same waters offered before with the same excellent guides. 

This weekend was the first Grand Teton Fly Fishing end of the year party and even though I haven’t been working with them for over three years I was invited.  I was so excited that I cancelled my trip to Yellowstone with Granny.  Saturday night we drove to Thermopolis, Wyoming where we spent yesterday and today fishing the Bighorn River.

Fishing was excellent to say the least.  Although we mustered up a few nice brown trout on streamers, the real fishing was with nymphs for rainbows.  In fact, it was some of the best rainbow fishing I’ve seen this year. 

I’m scrambling the next few days to be ready for a trip to ArizonaThursday.  I’ll be giving a full day seminar for Desert Fly Casters on Saturday.  Anyone can participate in this fun day.  The focus of the event will be knot tying, building European nymphing leaders, the double haul and simple tricks to “Improve Your Fishing Photography”.  If you’re in the area I promise you the day will be worth your time! 

Naturally, there will be some serious fishing involved with my good friends Cinda Howard and Steve Berry.  I’m going early and staying late so I can pursue the grass carp (white Amur) as well as the local bass, koi, sunfish and whoever else swims my way.  Expect some cool blogs soon!


  1. Erik Moncada

    I remember when you got that fish, and how far you needed to drift your fly to those fish for them to take… Good stuff!

  2. Drumznfishes

    Nice! Meanwhile, I had a happy Halloween on Henrys with a whopping 47 fish 2-4lbs. Have a great trip!

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