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Jeff-Currier-fly-fishingI don’t think I’ve gone so long without loading a blog since starting the blog in October of 2009.  However, with the show season and two trips to Africa to start the year, I found myself so far behind in the basics of life it was daunting.  I’m talking paying bills, crap to do around the house, and like everyone, I had to sort my taxes.  And I needed time to hang at my local pub with friends and enjoy being normal while I was home.



Cliff-Fly-Box-ArtI’d also been collecting Cliff Fly Box orders all winter with the promise of delivering them early April.  All in all there ended up being a dozen to get done.  I’ve also started a watercolor commission of a titan triggerfish that was caught at Anna Atoll on my December trip.  This is my first painting of this cool looking fish and when done he’ll be available on my famous coffee mugs, beer steins and solar shirts.


flyfishing-speakersLast but not least, I updated my PowerPoint presentation, “Fly Fishing Tales from Africa”.  The updates include winning the Silver Medal at the World Masters Championship from South Africa and highlights from Cameroon.  Thursday night I delivered the talk to Boston Fly Casters and it was a hit.  Keep me in mind if your club is looking for a speaker in the future.


fly-fishing-carpI mixed the Boston gig with a visit to my friend Rick Wilsterman.  Rick lives right in Boston and he and his wife Sarah gave me a mini pub crawl when I arrived Wednesday night.  Then on Thursday before my actual talk Rick and I visited all kinds of places and walked the banks of the Charles River.  The Charles River had no life when I was a kid growing up near here but today we saw sunfish and this massive sunning carp.  I’ll be walking with my Winston next visit!


Lake-WinnipesaukeeFriday my brother picked me up and we grabbed his family and headed to Wolfeboro, NH to visit the rest of the family.  My weekend was entertaining the kids by day then watching Sox and Bruins games at the taverns by night.  By Sunday night I was flat out exhausted.


Church-Landing-MeredithThe heavy weekend in turn led to a relaxing Monday around Wolfeboro with Mom.  I got some work done and grabbed an afternoon beer with my sister.  Then in the evening Mom and I went to Church Landing in Meredith, NH and pounded some oysters, chicken wings and a haddock dinner to die for.


fishing-icelandYesterday I made the long journey back to Idaho where today I’m preparing for yet another expedition.  Friday it’s off to Iceland to visit my friends.  I’ll be sea run brown trout fishing with my longtime Icelandic pal Ingo Helgeson and lake fishing for monster browns with new friend, Kristján Páll Raffnsson.


With Iceland kicking off this weekend the blog drought is no longer.  Get ready to see a few of these unique looking brown trout for starters.  Then afterwards I’m heading to the roosterfish waters of Baja for three weeks.  I believe I’m about to happily fall behind in life again!


Be sure to keep track of my upcoming travels around the world!

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  1. Howie

    Go get em Jeff!

  2. Jeff

    You know I will Howie. Hoping to break my biggest brown record of 14lbs!

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