Canoeing in December on Lake Winnipesaukee

blog-Dec-2-2013-Jeff-CurrierI’m not seeing much of Victor, Idaho this fall.  Almost immediately after Africa, Granny and I headed to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire to spend time with my family for Thanksgiving.  We haven’t hit a Holiday in over fifteen years so Mom was extremely happy.


There’s not much fishing going on so to occupy ourselves we canoed around Lake Winnipesaukee.  It wasn’t warm by any means, but you can rarely canoe Winnipesaukee without being disturbed by powerboats.  Let’s just say, we had the lake to ourselves and it was no less than spectacular.  Actually we shared with some common loons decked out in their winter plumage before they migrate south.


We’ll be headed back to Idaho tomorrow.  For me it’s another brief stop home before a run to Baja with the doc, Sammy Vigneri to try for a marlin on the fly with friend Grant Hartman.  Never stop moving!


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