Moose Alert on the Might Sveum River

It’s not often that I don’t set up a rod on a float trip.  Okay, this was the first time ever but my folks didn’t even want to go for a float at first.  But it was such an incredibly nice day they finally stepped up as long as it was less than four hours.  In order to meet the time frame I had to row hard downstream most of the float.  Pushing makes some noise and we awoke some resting wildlife.

blog-Sept-20-2013-1-Cow-MooseI have moose explode across my bow a few times each summer.  Dad has seen it before.  But Mom was a little scared.

blog-Sept-20-2013-2-Cow-MooseThe first moose was a good size cow.

blog-Sept-20-2013-3-Moose-calfThen out splashed her calf.  A cow and a calf of any species always gets your attention.

blog-Sept-20-2013-4-Bull-Moose-IdahoThen exploding out came the bull!  Spectacular!

blog-Sept-20-2013-5-Sue-Currier-drinking-Rainier-BeerAfter all that, Mom needed a Rainier.  Despite the lack of fishing it’s been a great week with the folks in town!

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  1. Erik Moncada September 26, 2013 at 4:03 am #

    Rainnnnnnnnnnnnn Nierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr