Cooper’s First Jackson Hole One Fly

blog-Sept-4-2014-1-cooper-eckmanI’ve been fishing with Cooper Eckman since he was twelve.  For several years he went with his dad Gary and me often.  When he became a teenager he got busy with more important things.  Now that he’s eighteen he’s been enjoying getting on the water again.  Gary had to replace one of our Jackson Hole One Fly teammates this year and asked me to let him know if I thought of anyone.  “I think Cooper is ready”, I responded.


blog-Sept-4-2014-2-flyfishing-the-south-forkI have confidence in Cooper.  Undoubtedly Cooper expressed some concern today about doing well.  I know the feeling.  I competed in the World Championships of Fly Fishing back in the day and I was petrified until I realized that all had to do was be myself and fish.


blog-Sept-4-2014-3-cooper-eckman-in-the-one-flyToday Ed Emory and I took Cooper out for a warmup on the lower canyon of the South Fork.  Cooper fished excellent both with dry flies and with a nymph under an indicator.  The dry flies didn’t work well at all but Cooper caught at least ten bonus sized fish on the nymphs.  Of course, we were with Bead Head Ed – who is one of the best when it comes to nymphs.


blog-Sept-4-2014-4-jackson-hole-one-flyI fished my streamer today.  For the second day the streamer bite wasn’t on.  I didn’t fish my normal grinder day but nonetheless, on the South Fork I can usually scrounge up a dozen nice fish fishing hard or not.  I only caught three!


We had the draw tonight for One Fly fishing.  I’m not too excited about my stretches.  I have the middle canyon on the South Fork on Saturday (where Gary and I took a beating yesterday) and South Park to Pritchard on the Snake River on Sunday – not the best for catching big fish.  That being said, my game face is on and I’m ready – Ready to compete!


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