Saved by the Unusual Cornetfish

by | May 9, 2019 | cornetfish

roosterfishingThe old saying is “Don’t leave fish to find fish”.  I follow this saying most of the time.  Despite running into an epic number of other anglers yesterday here in Baja we headed back to the same beach we were yesterday in hopes less people would be there.  As far as people goes – it was a good choice.  There were only two other anglers and they were on the other end of the beach.


Baja-MexicoOur fishing was lousy though.  We saw about five roosterfish all day.  I’m not sure how many casts Sammy actually got as I was messing around on my own all day.  But I know I got one good shot at a big rooster and screwed it up.  Every time I cleared my line today I threw 80 feet (always good to make the occasional cast to be sure your line is in order).  But when the big boy showed up I tangled line in my feet and threw about 30 feet which was 30 feet short.  Ahh roosterfishing. . . .


cornetfishThat one cast of mine didn’t occur until 3 PM which left me with a ton of down time.  After three hours of nothing in the morning I called for a roosterfishing break and headed to some rocks with a Clouser minnow.  I landed another pufferfish and numerous of one of the most annoying yet interesting fish in Baja.  Meet the cornetfish.


weird-fishThis crazy fish, often mistaken as the trumpetfish, is annoying because you catch them frequently and they are slimy and hard to unhook.  But, they are the only fish I can remember that swims backwards during battle.  It’s a sight to behold and catches most first time anglers to catch them off guard.  They have some very cool colors when you look at their scales up close.  And they get up to 5 feet long so this little 4 footer has a ways to go.


fish-scalesThe rocks were my fishing highlight today.  Now its off for a good dinner with Sammy.  There’s a big wind forecasted to start tomorrow and I suspect that may push in a few more roosterfish than what we’ve been seeing since I got my beast.  Never give up!


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