Another Belize Permit!

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fish-BelizeWe woke up to a miracle today.  I heard birds singing at 4:30 AM rather than pounding rain.  I clicked the coffee pot and made lots of noise to wake up Tim Brune and Wil Flack.  We needed to get on the permit flats early here at the Belize Permit Club.




It was the stunner of a day we earned.  There were clouds but the threat didn’t hang over them.  The wind was light.  Tim, Wil and I all slept well.  Things were absolutely perfect.  But, strangely, the only fish we could find all morning was this cute little blue runner.


We ate our lunches around noon, completely perplexed as to where the permit were hiding.  Then as soon as I took the bow I got a shot.  It was a good shot.  The permit was lonesome but he was hunting.  I had the same lobster fly on as yesterday and when I plopped the concoction two feet in front of him he charged for it.  But then, the permit threw up is pec fins and put on the brakes before turning and bolting for Honduras.  Close call for catching my second permit of the week.


permit-fishingShots were few and far between again after my chance.  With a permit already under my belt from yesterday, I spent most the afternoon watching, hoping a tail would pop for Tim.  But it was very very slow.  Then at last, literally on the final flat we were going to try, Tim thought he saw a shape under an eagle ray.


Usually, the eagle rays don’t attract permit like the stingrays but soon we’d see about a dozen of the eagle rays.  They were stirring it up and indeed, there was a permit.  There wasn’t only one, there were about five hungry permit.  Tim and Wil went into action.


Wil-flackThe permit I caught yesterday allowed me a heap of opportunities.  And it’s a good thing because I needed to change flies over and over before finally getting him.  Today was a reenactment of yesterday.  Tim made numerous casts.  Naturally the wind had cranked up and all his chances were straight into the wind.  But after a good ten minutes of casting, changing flies, and even rods, Tim connected.


flyfishing-belizeAs I’ve said before, its hard to explain the furry of a hooked permit.  Its flat out madness.  I don’t care how good you are with a fly rod, during the first minute you have an extremely good chance at losing him.  In this case Tim had to hold on for dear life as the fish ripped across and off the flat.  And when he went off the flat Tim’s leader, line and backing came awfully close to the coral.  He held his rod high in hopes to help clear it.  He did!


Belize-Permit-ClubThe fight eased up fairly quick.  Wil was reluctant to leave the platform too soon thinking the fish had more fight to go but finally he came down.  There were a couple more short runs but not much.  Soon Wil made the tail grab.


permitWell, we were surprised to find that Tim’s permit was snagged in the back.  Last I saw from the center of the boat, this fish was following Tim’s fly and I thought he ate it.  Tim and Wil felt the same but we’ll never know.  Nonetheless, this beautiful permit posed nicely for some great pics.  Then we let him go back with his friends.


Jeff-Currier-flyfishingAfter the Belikin tradition we went back to the same flat to see if any of the other permit were around.  But like expected, after the turmoil to one of their kind, they were nowhere to be found.  We headed back for the lodge at 3.  And let me tell you, it was the most enjoyable ride we’ve had yet by far with small waves and hot sun to relish in!


We’re back at it tomorrow.


A special thanks for this trip to my friend Wil Flack and the Belize Permit Club.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Kristen

    Great to see you had a good day!

  2. Jeff

    Thanks Kristen!

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