Wrapping it up with the Cape Cod Flyrodders

by | Oct 21, 2021 | fly fishing Cape Cod | 2 comments

flyfishing-Cape-CodDespite challenging wind all week here on Cape Cod, it’s been an amazing visit. Friends Rick Wilsterman and Bob Lewis and I managed some very nice false albacore fishing, a few random schoolie stripers and another new species for me, the window pane flounder.  And hands down, to see great white sharks face to face yesterday with Bob, that takes the crown!


flyfishingI spent most of my last day here with the Cape Cod Flyrodders Club.  The day began meeting on a beach near Chatham at 7 AM.  Its barely light out this early in October which gave us time to set up our rods and catch up.  I’ve spoke to this club three times in the last five years and have got to know most of them well.  I was fishing my 9-weight Winston Alpha+ in hopes of finding false albacore (I can’t get enough of them!).


flyfishingIt was calm for the first time all week.  It was far warmer than it should be and I watched the sunrise literally in a t-shirt.  While very few fish were caught it was a great time.  I managed a 6” long yellow jack.  One of the other guys caught a schoolie striper.


flyfishingWe had a nice barbeque for lunch then I demoed casting in the wind and the double haul.  We just finished a two hour break and I’m about to meet everyone for dinner at a nice restaurant in town and I’ll entertain with my PowerPoint show about fly fishing on Anaa Atoll.  It should be a fun evening.


That’s all from Cape Cod 2021.  A very special thanks to Rick and Bob for bringing me here to speak and best of all, fish!  Now its time to fly home and close down our life in Victor, Idaho – YIKES!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Jim Fisher

    Hi Jeff, great to hear about another of your fishing adventures. I wish you and Granny all the best as you embark on the next chapter of your lives. I’m sure you will both have mixed feelings about leaving the JH area after all the years you spent there, but you still have many friends there, and all over the world, for that matter.
    If you ever need a place to spend the night in the Grand Rapids area, you are always welcome.
    Best regards, Judge Jimmy

  2. Jeff

    Judge, thank you! You never know. We might buy this van we are talking about and visit every friend we know. And the cool thing is we would be on the road for awhile and would definitely include Grand Rapids!

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