The Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show

blog-Feb-20-2014-redwood-national-parkGranny and I had a nice visit with friends in Portland, Oregon Monday and Tuesday that included a visit to one of my favorite restaurants, Jakes Crawfish Grill.  Yesterday we drove down to Eureka, California.  No particular reason for going to Eureka other than why not?  We’re in route to the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show and Interstate 5 was boring us.  We made a side trip down the 199 from Grants Pass, through the Redwood forest and along some coast.   It was a wonderful drive that ended in some superb brew pubs in Eureka including the unique Siren.  So unique that I tried an18% alcohol brew.  Tasty but dangerous!

If you can make the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show please track me down.  I’ll be doing art amongst the fly tiers and below is my presentation schedule:

Friday – 12:30 – Release Room – “Trout Bumming the World”

2:15 – Casting Pond – “Fly Casting 101”

Saturday – 12:15 – Casting Pond – “Fly Casting 101”

Sunday – 11:00 – Release Room – “Fly Fishing Saltwater – Bonefish to Billfish”

I hope to see you there!

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing