Good Fishing Times in Italy

by | Jul 15, 2022 | fly fishing team USA | 2 comments

Team-USAWe had a full team practice today.  We split up a little only because in Italy they don’t allow more than three anglers on a piece of water at the same time but for the most part we hung together.  Pete and I watched a lot to give the new arrival teammates more time to practice.  Stefano continued his superb guidance that he’s been offering all week.


Sarca-RiverThe fishing was ok at best for most of us.  That’s because it’s hot.  Like 95° hot!  Bret however, our teammate that took home the individual bronze last year, did well.  I watched him fish a bunch today and I think he’s a better European nymph angler than any of the Euros.  He’s truly awesome to watch as he hoovers fish from every pool.


flyfishing-ItalyThere were no amazing fish caught today but numerous handsome little native browns.  I love these little fish.  Its funny how in the US West, browns of this size hardly get a look.  In Europe they are a prize because they are so hard to catch.


World-ChampsJerry treated us to a wonderful riverside lunch today and tonight its good food and he ordered up some heavy bodied Italian red.  Life is good.  Hopefully we’ll carry these good times right through the competition next week.  I have a hunch!


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  1. Lance Tomar

    Boy, I see Jerry continues to make you guys suffer with old sea rations food.. lol If Jerry wants to adopt a 57 yrs old aging fisherman I know a real nice one! Very cool experience!

  2. Jeff

    Ha! lance that’s funny for sure! Spots for the team are always available for try out. But it will be hard replacing this team. You may have to wait for voluntary retirements.

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