A Very Cool Christmas Present

Granny and I quit exchanging gifts for each other years ago.  That’s because if we can afford something we want – we buy it.  Why wait till December 25th?  This practice certainly eliminates accumulation of unnecessary and unwanted stuff.
When I saw a present under our fake tree with my name on it I was surprised, and reluctant to open it, especially because I could tell it was something to hang on the wall.  What was in there?  What was I going to do with it?
It turns out that its one of the neatest gifts I’ve ever got.  On Day 1 of the Jackson Hole One Fly Contest last September I competed against long time customer/friend, Ray Thurston.  We were guided by my friend Jean Bruun and Ray and I had a One Fly day to remember in which we each racked up enough points to make the podium.  One of my fish was a cutthroat that won me the big fish trophy for Day 1.  Jean clicked off a snap shot in the heat of the moment and Ray had a painting done of me and the fish.  The painting is done by Tammy Callens and is truly fantastic.  What a great memory!

One Response to “A Very Cool Christmas Present”

  1. Erik Moncada December 28, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    The best gifts are the ones you never new you wanted until you get them.