Covid-19 Lock Down Strikes Idaho

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Snake-RiverIdaho Governor Little called for a stay home rule for us on Thursday to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Like most states that have already done this, exact rules are vague.  The way Granny and I read it is let’s avoid contact with other humans and that if we want to go camping by ourselves we’re fine.  Our 1991 Explorer has been our second home for years anyhow.  So yesterday we loaded up and set out for a desolate campsite.  We found a beauty on the lower Snake River downstream of American Falls.


Granny-CurrierThe deeper reason we took off is for a peace of mind.  With all my speaking gigs and fishing travel canceled at least till June, I’m basically out of work.  Granny’s job closed so she’s out of work.  We could sit at home depressed and watch the news but instead we went for an escape.  Plus its been cold and snowy in Victor.  In south western Idaho the forecasts were far more enticing.  That being said this morning coffee time was brisk to say the least!




I packed an arsenal of Winston’s.  I have a 4-weight Pure in case we find rising fish.  My 6-weight Air is rigged with a streamer.  I even have a second 6 Air rigged for carp.  After our chilly coffee drinking session I poked around the Snake near camp but saw nothing.  While fishing, the wind kicked up to an insane 25-30 mph.  I preach to folks all winter from the Fly Fishing Show casting ponds that the wind is your friend, but when temps are in the 40°s to begin with, the wind isn’t your friend!


Shoshone-FallsA great way to beat the cold is get in the Explorer and drive.  And drive to warmer places.  For us that meant keep following the Snake downstream to reach lower elevation.  We passed Massacre Rocks, where I caught hefty smallies last summer.  Then coasted into the Twin Falls area.  This may seem weird but I’ve always wanted to see the site where Evel Knievel jumped Snake River Canyon.  We found his rocket launch pad and then enjoyed viewing Shoshone Falls, considered the Niagara Falls of the west.


balanced-rockPerhaps there’s a slightly bright side to the Corona crisis.  Its grounded us from exploring the world by planes and has us now enjoying our own state of Idaho by car.  We have passed the exit to Shoshone Falls tons of times but not gone and today we learned they are spectacular.  After we enjoyed them we saw a sign for another Idaho tourist site.  This is the “famous” Balanced Rock a little off the way to Hagerman.  It too was pretty dang cool!


fish-IdahoTimes are very strange now as we all know.  Honestly, I’m having trouble getting a grip on this bizarre situation we’re in.  Nonetheless, Granny and I aim to do our best to make some good of it.  What a fantastic day exploring our state.  Tomorrow we’ll continue the self-isolation tour of Idaho further down the Snake River.


trainsWe are presently camped in a gorgeous far-flung spot on the Snake River near the town of Glenns Ferry watching trains go by like it’s 1920.  Its not totally new turf for Granny and I.  We caught some huge white sturgeon here about 25 years ago.  I’m wishing I had a tuna sized spin rod and some bait to give it a try again.


This is the first time I’ve loaded a blog from a remote camp.  I best keep practicing.  Might happen a bunch the next couple of months!

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Steve Waller

    Enjoy your time with your lovely partner Jeff. Stay safe!

  2. Jeff

    Thanks Steve. We most certainly will!

  3. Brendan

    we had to cancel a trip to lake Powell where we were going to catch stripped bass, walleye , and some smallmouth bass.

  4. Jeff

    Sorry to hear that Brendan. So many parks and public fishing spots are closed down that we are returning home now.

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