The New Chapter Finally Begins

by | Mar 27, 2022 | fly fishing Wisconsin | 5 comments

flyfishingA lot has changed in a year in the “Currier” lives.  Heck, go back three years and the difference then to now is ridiculous.  But 11 months ago Granny and I drove my old 1991 Exploder to MN, IO and WI to investigate moving to the region.  It seemed like more of a pipedream.  How and why in the world would we leave the paradise of Victor, ID?


It turns out the area greatly appealed to us.  Having both gone to college in WI 35 years ago probably helped.  To put the icing on the cake, about the time we returned home, the open land across the street from our house went up for sale.  We loved watching sunsets over this piece since the day we bought our house.  No doubt, sunsets were in jeopardy.


To widen our eyes further, a property down the street from us got subdivided and two apartments went up so fast it was shocking.  After 29 beautiful years in our home, it was apparent Victor was changing fast.  On June 14 we put the house up for sale.  On June 15 we had six offers and the rest is history.


van-lifeFrom June 2021 till about two weeks ago have been the most stressful months of my life.  Saying goodbye to our “American Dream”, friends, the Henry’s Fork, Yellowstone and more was hard to comprehend.  Then there was that packing thing. Holy crap we accumulated some stuff.  But after two yard sales, FB Market Place and flat out give aways, I’m happy to say we purged big time without a single trip to the dump.  On October 30 we left our house for good.


In November we bought the van.  Thank goodness because we’ve not had time to find a home.  We’ve lived in the van since January 3rd.  It’s been great fun traveling for my speaking and fly fishing shows but not a minute went by where we didn’t hope to find a new home in WI.  We’ve gazed the internet but there’s been almost nothing to look at.  Every time one came up it was gobbled up in less than 24 hours.


currier-flyfishingThree weeks ago show season ended.  We fished OR for ten days then last week we drove the van to Idaho to finish off some loose ends.  Then we packed the van with stuff from our Idaho Falls storage shed and headed for WI.


fish-WisconsinSaturday afternoon we arrived in WI on a cold bluebird day.  We scoped out some towns from Spooner north.  In Ashland we officially met with a real estate agent then on to Iron River to meet up with my old college roommate Howie and his wife Sue.  We’ll base out of here for at least a week and look at the few houses that are available this upcoming week.  The new chapter finally begins!


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  1. Lance

    Hope you find that perfect place to call home again. You seem to always muster up good luck when you need it and I’m sure you will this time as well. Can’t wait to hear about the new chapters in this book.

  2. Jeff

    Thank you Lance!

  3. Jack L Meredith

    Jeff and Granny, you are so “with-it” when making major decisions every since we have known you and lived in Jackson. And such a positive way to view the move , “The New Chapter Finally Begins”. Look forward to all the adventures you have that we look forward to reading since our traveling is very limited. Fortunately, where we have lived for the past 16 years when we left Jackson, has the fishing, hunting and “views” of the sunsets that are very peaceful.
    Jack & Suzanne

  4. Sarah Robertson

    Hopefully Scott is right and you will find that perfect house now that you are back in WI.

  5. Jeff

    Thanks everbody!

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