Redfish Bound

blog-Feb-4-2016-victor-idahoAs expected Granny and I arrived in Victor after midnight on Tuesday absolutely beat to heck from the long day of travel.  Sure enough there’s a bunch of snow and we couldn’t get in the driveway.  I parked on the street and hauled our luggage in.  I hit the bed around 1 AM and had so much to do today I got up when Granny went to work at 6.


I spent all day doing errands, paying bills, shoveling and then finally packing to redfish for a couple days.  I’m presently enroute on our annual Wisconsin ice fishing trip only this year George has switched it up and we’re going to the Ft Myers, FL area for a long weekend of redfishing.  We’re just about to touch down in Atlanta.  I can’t believe I was here 48 hours ago.


The weather forecast for fishing looks iffy but it will be a nice break from the exhausting show schedule.  Stay tuned. . . . .


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing