Chances at Bones, Perms and Bulls

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Grand-Slam-LodgeI cherish early mornings when in the tropics.  Down here at Grand Slam Lodge in Punta Allen its about 75° when you wake up.  I always get up and do a bit of writing for my blog and etc. all while listening to the birds sing with the ocean breaking in the background.


FFIWe didn’t charge our way on to the flats this morning.  Instead, all our Fly Fishers International group, the guides and lodge staff grabbed some bags and we picked up trash.  If you’ve not been in a tropical ocean setting, I’m sad to inform you that no matter where you are on the planet, the beaches are covered in rubbish.  The leading type of waste are plastic water bottles.  Its gross.  And though we cleaned it up today, I guarantee that a week from now it will be covered again.  I’ll say my two cents worth, if clean water comes from your tap at home – grab a glass and drink from it!


Yellow-Dog-FlyfishingWe were on our way to fish the flats by 9 AM.  Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Rob Uselton and our guide was Vito.  Vito’s family owns the lodge.  Vito is a mere 22 years old and not only guides, but is learning the position of managing the lodge.  I was impressed with his knowledge right out of the gates.


Ascension-BayRob had no set species on his mind to target so Vito suggested a long boat ride to place on the mangrove flats.   A place we could hide from the wind.  It took about an hour to get there but the beauty did not disappoint.


bonefishingRob went to work while I enjoyed a morning Coke.  Soda in the morning luckily isn’t a habit of mine but for some reason I always enjoy one to start my day on the flats.  There were bonefish mulling the shallows everywhere.  For whatever reason, they were extremely finicky today and were not cooperating for Rob.


flyfishing-guidesRob, with help from Vito, worked on the bonefish while our guide in training poled and scanned ahead for tails.  I was taking it all in.  I happened to be scanning the ocean side looking for tarpon when excitement came from the platform.  “Permit!  Tailing permit twelve O’clock!”


Tailing-permitSure enough we had a nice permit moving away from us.  I slammed my pop and ripped out my 9-weight Air Salt.  I was rigged with a Pato Crab but I should have had my line out and ready for this situation.  Luckily I went on to get a good cast.  But the angle of a permit facing away is not the best because you need to cast slightly over them.  This fish became suspicious immediately.  While he didn’t spook entirely, and I managed to show him my fly several times, he was too smart and slid away to the deep.



We fished hard all day.  We managed to convince several small bonefish to eat but overall fishing was tough.  For me there was an unexpected highlight however, baby bull sharks.


I’ve landed several species of shark on the fly over the years but despite there being a lot, I haven’t caught a bull shark.  The common issue with bull sharks is they are often too big to bother with.  I spotted a small shark with a wide head and sure enough it was a bull.  I asked Vito if he minded if I threw my snook fly at him and he smiled and said no.  I hit the shark on the head and he pulverized my fly.  The problem is that I didn’t have on wire and the shark broke me off 30 seconds after hook up.


I added wire and went on a pursuit.  I was anxious to add the first new species to my list of the year.  I hooked the very next one but unfortunately this two footer ran and spit the fly.  I was using a black Puglisi type of pattern.  Unfortunately those were my two best chances.  We saw a few others but it was like the word was out – they wouldn’t touch my fly.



We wrapped it up around 3:30.  I had a blast fishing with Rob and the guides today.  But man, how time flies.  This was a three day trip shortened to two days thanks to my snowstorm delay coming down.  But I’ll say it was absolutely worth every minute.  I’m so glad to have a few casts to permit, catch a bonefish and almost got my first bull shark on fly.


Grand-Slam-FlyfishingI want to thank Patrick Berry and Fly Fishers International for having me join them on this trip.  And thanks to the wonderful guides and staff at Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge.  This is a great place.  If you want to hit Grand Slam on a trip or chase flats fish anywhere in the world, reach out to me or my friends at Yellow Dog Flyfishing.


Unfortunately its already time to head back to the cold!

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  1. Matthew

    Bummer the Bull sharks beat you Buddy but sounds like an awesome place. Safe travels. See you when you get back. Lets catch some trout!

  2. Robert

    Jeff ,
    I had the best time of my life fishing with you and hope to fish again soon

  3. Jeff

    I enjoyed it also Rob. Next year hopefully if not sooner!

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