Somerset Fly Fishing Show Moves to Edison for 2018

The famous Somerset New Jersey Fly Fishing Show is not in Somerset this year.  It’s a few towns over in Edison.  I’ve not seen the new venue hands on but I’ve seen the booth layouts and a mapping of the seminar rooms and casting ponds and this new location should not disappoint.


As always, I’ll be there doing seminars and casting demonstrations each day.  In between catch me at my booth.  I’ll have my coffee mugs and beer steins along with my new decals all while decorating fly boxes, hats, computers, backpacks and you name it with my sharpies.  Get your order in quick as last year I did 22 pieces and that may well have been all I can handle in three short days.


Here’s my schedule for the weekend:



11:00 – Release Room – “Trout Bumming the World”

12:15 – Pond 1 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

1:00 – Authors Booth


1:15 – Casting Pond 2 – “Fly Casting 101”

2:00 – Authors Booth

2:45 – Strike Room – “Fly Fishing for Carp – A 20lb Fish Near Home”


2:00 – Authors Booth

2:45 – Strike Room – “Streamer Tactics for more and Larger Trout”

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