There’s Big Browns in Texas

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June 28 & 29, 2012

Like any wise angler I don’t advertise where I’m going fishing when its one of my sneaky favorites. If I get caught on the way and someone asks where I’m headed I usually make up something fast.  But at 6 AM yesterday when on the way an acquaintance yelled out, “Hey Currier where you going?”  My mind was short on coffee and I spouted out – “Texas“.  We’re headed to Texas”.  I guess I’ve been traveling too much of late because he simply responded, “Nice!  Good luck.  Hope you catch some big bass.  See you when you get back.”

Michigan Mike (my buddy who’s now from Oregon), Trey Scharp (Carp Tourney partner) and I actually fished in Wyoming on water that holds few fish but big fish.  Its one of those places that just as you get discouraged about not catching a fish you catch a big one.  We fished yesterday and today and caught a total of about ten nice rainbows, browns and even some Bonneville cutthroats.  One particular brown trout was one of the nicest trout I’ve caught in years!
Just as exciting as the fishing was our camping.  It was hot and cloudless so I spread my sleeping bag out on the ground and skipped the tent.  It’s a good thing I was tired because all night long a family of great horned owls hopped around me screeching, hooting and climbing up and down the cottonwood trees next to me.  The highlight was when a mouse tried to steal a granola bar from the boat.  Let’s just say he didn’t get far before one of the baby great horned owls nailed him.  In addition to the owls, raccoons went through the entire camp and searched every corner of the boat looking for scraps.
I should add we fished out of Treys new boat.  It’s an Adipose and what’s cool about this boat is that it’s very much like the famous old South Fork Skiff boats.  Adipose made a few adjustments that make if very easy to move around in.  This boat rows easy and takes you to the fish!


  1. Erik Moncada

    Texas looks like a great place to fish, you must fish texas all the time! Great shot of the owl.

  2. Carp Fishing

    Oh Great what a Brown fish it is. It is rare to have this kind of nice fish in south Asian Region where I past my child hood.However,since my child hood I love fishing specially Carp fishing.In our village Carp fishing is very popular. People arrange Carp fishing as a fstival in the mid of October.However, I enjoy fishing very much. To me it provide us favorite food, enjoyment and arrange closer attachment with nature.Thanks again for this nice post and beautiful Blog.

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