The Sandstorm Ridden Carp Flats of Wyoming

by | Oct 8, 2020 | fly fishing Pathfinder Reservoir

Sam-Vigneri-fishingGranny and I find ourselves in the Casper, Wyoming area for the next few days visiting my good friend Sam Vigneri and his family.  I spend lots of time fishing Baja and numerous other saltwater destinations with Sammy.  Over the next few days we’ll be chasing walleyes on the fly together on some of his favorite WY fisheries.


Pathfinder-ReservoirGranny and I arrived last night and Sammy worked today.  After a morning of errands that included visiting my friend Matt Cassel, owner of Cliff Outdoors, so I could pick up a heap of boxes in order to provide folks with my fly box art for their Christmas presents this year, Granny and I went on an exploratory mission for some shore fishing on Pathfinder Reservoir.  We had no idea what we’d find as its our first time ever here, however it was 80°, so in the back of my mind I suspected we might find some carp.


Wyoming-fishingThis part of Wyoming is famous for strong and steady wind.  We were not disappointed.  The wind kicked up so hard it created a sandstorm similar to ones I run into while fishing the Middle East.  While it looks horrible, and it was to a degree, it was so windy that it was fun in a sick way!


carp-on-flyLucky for me, there were a few carp.  Regardless of choppy water, mud and sand in the eyes, I spotted a few carp tails.  Once spotted they still weren’t easy.  It was a vicious chore casting my fly anywhere near them with the gale wind.  And when I finally got my crayfish pattern near the fish, they wouldn’t eat.  Persistence however has never been an issue with me, and while Granny remained buttoned down in the Explorer for the most part of three hours, I managed to squeak out one very nice Wyoming mirror carp.  I even somehow I managed to pull off my first fish hero shot selfie.


Jeff-Currier-flyfishingThe winds are predicted to subside somewhat tonight and tomorrow will be very nice.  The plan is to head for Glendo Reservoir to show Sammy how to fly fish for walleye.  Its Sammy’s favorite lake over here in the east side of Wyoming.  Stay tuned!


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