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fly-fishingI’m back from my speaking tour that started in Great Falls, MT then on to Lethbridge, Alberta then Calgary.  Let’s just say that with the epic changes around the world in which we live our lives to fight the war against the Coronavirus, my tour was interesting.  This being said, I made it through start to finish mostly as planned.


fishingMy first stop was Great Falls on March 12th.  This is the day when Americans were advised not to visit any types of gatherings of 250 people or more.  No doubt Montanans took the warning seriously and I had a mere 25 people at my presentation.


winter-drivingWhile doing my talk, Canada was following the USA and my gigs to the north were wondering what to do with my tour.  By Friday morning they decided that because I was already on my way, to go ahead and proceed.  My friends of the Trout Fly Shop in Cascade, MT were scheduled to be at the show also so we drove the three hours to Lethbridge in a snowstorm.  Surprisingly, crossing the border was business as usual other than the fact the Canadians made sure we weren’t sick.


kids-fishingI’m glad we went forward with the Chinook Waters Fly Fishing Expo in Lethbridge, Alberta (this was my 5th time here).  The two-day event went fantastic starting with my custom presentation about Anaa Atoll, in French Polynesia on Friday night followed by my full day of seminars on Saturday.  One of my seminars is a tradition.  I taught a group of kids how to paint fish.  This year we painted a golden trout.


Sunday was family day with my host and longtime friend, Kelly Oikawa, at his home in Lethbridge.  Kelly has a super fun family and I enjoy them very much.  We took his girls sledding in the coulees then had a big Sunday dinner.  It was special as always.


trout-bumsMonday is where things got interesting.  I was to speak in Calgary Monday night.  This was an event sponsored by the Fish Tales Fly Shop.  We’ve done the event successfully before.  Unfortunately, all events in Calgary were halted and my event was cancelled.


I was flying home from Calgary on Tuesday anyhow so I traveled up to Calgary from Lethbridge Monday morning and spent the day at the Fish Tales Fly Shop.  Dave and Nancy Blair, the owners, along with their staff are friends so it was good to catch up.


Currrier-artWhile I was there, they generously told me they would still cover my costs.  So, I picked up a Sharpie and did up a few fly boxes in order to help them gain back expenses of having me there.  Two of the pieces sold while I was doing them.  It turned into a fun day mingling with their customers.


coronavirusI flew yesterday morning as planned.  Normally the Calgary International Airport is an extremely busy place.  I always get there 3 hours early in order to check in, pass through TSA and complete customs.  Yesterday it took less than 15 minutes to check in and get to my gate.  The airport was eerily empty.


fish-canadaHonestly, I didn’t know if I would get home.  The Canadian Prime mister was delivering a dismal speech on all airport televisions.  With so few people flying I was certain we’d be grounded.  But my Delta flight to Seattle over the Canadian Rockies was stunning.  Then I was on to Salt Lake City and finally to Idaho Falls and all went smooth.  The flights were empty and bizarre but I am now home sweet home indefinitely.


I say home indefinitely because in the last 24 hours all my remaining speaking engagements have been cancelled.  Granny and my trip to the Cook Islands scheduled for departure Saturday is cancelled.  The World Championships of Fly Fishing are cancelled.  Its hitting me now – this is real.


That’s all for now.  I hope everyone stays healthy and makes the best of times during this blindsiding crisis.  I will have continuous updates from amazing Victor, Idaho.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Kevin Yoshida

    Glad you made it home. Stay healthy and safe Jeff and Granny!

  2. Jeff

    Thanks Kevin. We are planning on it! You too!

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