Another Great Baja Chapter in the Books

by | May 11, 2019 | fly fishing Baja

Sam-Vigneri-BajaI guess we should’ve packed it in yesterday after Sammy’s big roosterfish off the beach here in Baja and relaxed at his condo in Cerritos because Sammy heads home tomorrow.  But that’s not in our DNA.  Naturally we went fishing.  But not before a massive breakfast where Sam crushed a mind-blowing whip cream covered pile of waffles!


We chose to hit a new beach – leaving fish to find fish.  I know better than to leave fish to find fish but it was my idea.  Sometimes you simply need a change of scenery and a break in routine.  Unfortunately, instead of finding more big roosterfish we were nagged by heaps of cornetfish.


roosterfishingIn midafternoon we had a change of wind and weather.  The temperature dropped from the high 80°s to the 70°s and the wind blew strong from the northeast.  We went to one of our favorite roosterfish haunts thinking the weather might trigger the fish.  We found a few small ones but they were far from fired up.  We packed it in early and made it to Sammy’s condo for the night.


Sam-Vigneri-roosterfishWe got all cleaned up then Sammy treated us to his favorite restaurant in Todos Santos, Cafe Santa Fe.  He’s taken me here before a few times and we always destroy black squid inked pasta with shrimp.  As always it was delicious.  I even jumped on a plate of fresh yellowtail sashimi.


During our last dinners we always reminisce about the trip.  Hands down this week we saw fewer roosterfish than on any other trip over the years.  This being said, we each capitalized on the chances we had and both got “Grande” roosters.  Anytime one of us lands a big rooster from the beach we consider the week a success – but two – in hard conditions – we are absolutely delighted!


Jeff-Currier-roosterfishSammy heads home tomorrow.  While he’ll visit me in Victor this summer with his family, our next fishing adventure together likely won’t be until December 3-13.  But it’s a big one.  I’m hosting a Yellow Dog Flyfishing custom extended trip of 9 days to Providence Atoll in the Seychelles and Sam’s coming with.  This will possibly be the most incredible fishing we’ll ever experience together.  And I’ll just throw it out there – I have three spots left so if anyone’s interested be sure to contact me.


Though Sammy heads home tomorrow I’ll be staying here in Baja.  That’s because Granny rolls in and we’ll be here another ten days.  It will be my job to guide her into a roosterfish. . . .


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