The Blue Bathtub Meets Wisconsin

by | May 24, 2022 | fly fishing for bluegill | 5 comments

Granny-CurrierI expected to be writing more fishing blogs by now from the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  Instead, Granny and I been inside working on our new Hayward house.  Every small project we start grows into something large.  Or we find out there’s something else we need to do first before our project.


We had a big issue to deal with the last three days.  Granny went to work painting our popcorn ceilings with Kilz paint.  Kilz is like a white primer that eliminates all bad smells (smoke is number one for us).  Within two minutes after her rolling it on, the popcorn ceiling turned to goo and started falling down to the floor in gobs of gunk.  Imagine in your new house!


Jeff-CurrierIt was a distraught moment.  Granny stopped painting immediately wondering what to do.  But without losing our minds, we both mentioned how much we hated the popcorn ceiling anyhow and headed for the garage to get scrapers and paint sheets to line the floor.  I finished scraping the ceiling at about 2 PM today after three straight days.  Granny worked about 6 hours behind me spackling and painting what is now a flat and much prettier ceiling.


flyfishingWith my job competed, I packed up my fishing stuff and at 4 PM headed north for Howie and Sue’s house in Iron River.  Granny stayed back to finish painting in the Kilz, not only to all our ceilings but she also did all the walls.  It was a big job, but not massive.  Our new house is only 1100 sq. feet.


drift-boatThe trip to Iron River had some significance beyond a visit with friends.  Howie and I, along with friend Ken, took my drift boat, the Blue Bathtub, out on its first Wisconsin voyage on Howie’s Lake.  Granny and I have owned this boat since 1992 and we almost sold it before we left Victor last fall.  Instead I dropped it off at Howie’s on that famous drive across country with Mom in my old Explorer last November.




And boy am I glad we didn’t sell this classic old drift boat.  It came to reality tonight that this could be the perfect Wisconsin small lake and pond boat.  We had a stellar session prowling the banks banging up numerous 8-9” bluegill and the occasional small largemouth bass.  All by skimming small Chernobyl’s along the surface.


bluegillWe’re finally somewhat caught up on our house fixer-upper work and it’s time to leave.  Tomorrow we fly to NH for a couple weeks.  Its our normal NH visit but this too has its own significance.  This weekend is Mom’s 80th birthday!


Stay tuned for Back Bay fishing stories, pumpkinseeds and a few big smallmouth from Lake Winnipesaukee!


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  1. Lance

    And THERE is the truth to all good fishing bums… a great women who stays behind and does the work while we fill our deranged fishing needs. I have a great one too! Just a note: probably pushing your luck a bit showing a photo of her covered in dust with a “you did this to me” look. I’ve seen many a fish bum come home to find all their crap on the front lawn

  2. Jeff

    I peeled all the paint. She’s good with that. And now the boat is ready for when we return!

  3. Lance

    She’s definitely a keeper!! The bathtub lives on!! Happy 80th to your mom!

  4. Kristen

    Way to woman up Granny. “Get it done” girl.
    I hate popcorn. That was a happy mistake to discover the ceiling dropping.

  5. Jeff

    We totally agree Kristen. And now its gone!

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