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flyfishingIt was time to go fishing early.  I’m talking 4:30 AM.  Here in northern Wisconsin, it gets light at 4 AM now.  Crack of dawn would put us on the water before the temps rise high into 80°s like they have been each day for almost two weeks.


Musky-FestI went with my new friend Josh whom I fished with a couple days ago.  Joining us was his friend Brandon Judy, the top man from the Hayward Fly Fishing Company Shop.  It’s funny, but yesterday I met Brandon.  This weekend is “Musky Fest” and I swung through town to check it out.  I found this musky street art.  Its incredible!  I’m not sure how the artist created the 3D effect but I can assure you its real.  After checking out the stunning art I wandered in the shop and met Brandon.  15 hours later we are fishing together.  I’m loving this place!


Brandon-JudyFishing was excellent.  We caught some nice smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and some pike.  But it wasn’t the fishing I’m going to tell you about so much as a couple other cool things.


pikeThe first surprise came before 6 AM.  Brandon caught a pike on a sexy looking streamer and there was a little blood leaking from the gills.  I like to eat pike but my thoughts are to take an occasional one from lakes.  But because this guy was bleeding I considered asking for it, but I held back not knowing how my new friends would feel about it.  Brandon retrieved his fly carefully then maneuvered the fish in the water a minute before releasing it.  The fish seemed fine and took off.


fly-fishingFive minutes later, Josh was hooked up.  At the same time, I spotted a flopping pike about the same size as Brandon’s drifting downstream.  I waited till we landed and released Josh’s fish.  Then said, “Hey, I don’t think that other pike survived.  Let’s net it and I’ll take it home for dinner”.



Brandon was surprised to see the flopping pike reinforcing that his pike seemed fine.  Nonetheless he netted it and brought it in the boat.  But it wasn’t his.  This fish was pale and looked sick.  Though I considered eating it, instead I tossed it back.  As I did so, a huge torn apart mouse shot from its mouth.  This pike was choking to death!


pike-fliesI was rowing and unfortunately didn’t get a photo.  The mouse was shredded like a Jaws victim and sank out of sight before we could grab it.  Wow!


We caught numerous more fish throughout the morning including many more hammer-handle sized pike.  It turns out the guys have no problem killing a couple small pike for dinner so I did.  As long as you know the trick to filleting a pike, they are delicious.


WisconsinThe wind blew up on us big time.  By early afternoon it became difficult to get the boat downstream.  The temperature plummeted as well to a mere 59°.  In a way the cool off felt good but the wind was awful.  We pulled onto a beach for a break and that’s when I spotted the next amazing event of the day.


turtlesThis is a baby smooth softshell turtle.  It’s the first one I’ve ever laid hands on and as a naturalist and a turtle sort of guy, this was pretty neat.  We took a few pics and I released him to a place where he had a much better chance not to become dinner for a smallmouth or a pike!


It was a great day on the river.  I can’t believe in only a month here how many new friends we have.  The folks of Wisconsin are amazing.


Sadly, I probably won’t fish again till next weekend.  It’s time to skirt the foundation of our new house.  The old skirting was falling off.  Then on Thursday I’m off to California to deliver, “Streamer Tactics for More and Bigger Trout” for the Long Beach Casting Club.  If you’re part of a fly fishing club or need an event fly fishing speaker for anything, keep me in mind.  I offer zooms, one night gigs or full day events.


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  1. Matthew Norton

    Its time we start throwing some big Mice!

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