Smallmouth Bass Fever in New Hampshire

My dad has suffered with Parkinson’s for over 15 years.  This horrible disease worsens with time and the medicines that help with the symptoms have side effects beyond belief.  They can make you tired, depressed, confused and the list goes on.  It’s been a bummer for him, my mom and the family for years.


In August of 2012 dad got a special brain surgery to further help reduce the symptoms.  It was a tense time for dad and the family but he pulled through and managed a few good years.


It seems that eventually Parkinson’s takes back over however, and in dad’s case it came back with Dementia.  The last three years has been a living hell for dad and possibly more so on mom because she was taking care of him.  In February we moved dad to a nursing home and this week is the first time I’ve seen him here.  It’s been a tough year but no doubt he’s in great care now.


I fished Lake Winnipesaukee for a few hours this morning with my brother in law Don.  Don is a doctor in Alton, NH and with his family he has little time to go.  He was a few minutes late after 6 AM to meeting me but he made it.  We were pressed on time because a big storm was moving in.


Just two hours was all we expected but we squeezed out three before the wind gales started.  Once again the fishing was fantastic.  I have yet to take off my Ben Byng popper this week because the smallies are going bananas for it.


I brought six nice fish to hand.  None were larger than about 15” but here on Lake Winnipesaukee these are more than respectable.  If you live in a place with smallmouth bass opportunities on fly rod I hope you take advantage.  They are one of the greatest freshwater fly rod game fish in the world.  Don got blanked this morning because he’s out of practice.  He has not been taking advantage even though he lives here!


At 9 AM the big lake got hectic.  The wind started as did the rain.  I’d hoped to head for Back Bay with Granny this afternoon but there was no chance.   Instead I caught up on the blog and went and visited dad again.  I’m sad to say, the forecast looks dreadful for tomorrow morning..


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