Memories from St Brandon’s Atoll 2017

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Whoa!  That was a long trip home, but we made it and I can’t wait till the next trip to St Brandon’s Atoll in Mauritius.  Thanks everyone for reading the blog.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Gerhard Laubscher/FlyCastaway

A very special thanks to Gerhard Laubscher and the guides of FlyCastaway for inviting me on to this magnificent place on earth.  Remember, this trip is available to anyone through us at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.  Feel free to Contact Me for details and begin setting up your own adventure.

Gerhard Laubscher/FlyCastaway

And great fish don’t get caught without the best in equipment.  Thankyou!

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All good things must come to an end so you can start the next!

Here are some final memories from St Brandon’s Atoll, Mauritius 2017

Gerhard Laubscher/FlyCastaway

Magnificent adventures don’t get handed to you.  Getting to St Brandon’s Atoll requires 35 hours of flying from Idaho to Mauritius then a 28-hour boat ride across the Indian Ocean.

Don’t spend huge money on the trip and then try to save on flies.  I see it all the time!

Gerhard Laubscher/FlyCastaway

Scott Smith casting for bonefish.

Ben Smith lands a 7lb yellow permit!

Gerhard Laubscher/FlyCastaway

Landing a St Brandon’s bonefish.

Scott Smith with a hefty bluefin trevally.

Gerhard Laubscher/FlyCastaway

Fly fishing the flats of Mauritius.

Double trouble bonefish!

Scott Smith and Ben Smith – brothers from different Smith mothers.

St Brandon’s is a place of many bonefish tales.

Probably the honeycomb grouper.  Juveniles are tough to identify.

Gerhard Laubscher/FlyCastaway

Storm coming on the flats of St Brandon’s Atoll.

Heaps of big bluefin trevally in the Indian Ocean.

White tern looking for his coffee.

The elusive Indo-Pacific yellow permit.

Nick Isabelle posing with a giganticus St Brandon’s Atoll bonefish!

Flyfishing for the gleaming bluefin trevally.

A beast of a brassy trevally – also called the green spot trevally.

More waiting than casting for my yellow permit.  But he will be worth waiting for. . . .

You’re not off the hook yet Mr. Indo-Pacific yellow permit – Currier will return!

Vacation from vacation.  Ben Smith, me and Scott Smith.  Somewhere on mainland Mauritius.

It will be a short visit home before the roosters are in trouble.  Stay tuned!

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