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Jackson-Hole-One-FlyI got to fish in the Jackson Hole One Fly for a few years in a row back around 2009-2014 as a guest of my friend Gary Eckman.  When Gary stepped out I thought my One Fly days were over.  Then Simms entered a team and I fished another year but they only did it one year.  Then I thought for sure it was over.  But my phone rang back in January and friend Zach Peyton asked if I would join the team he was on, the South Fork Slayers, founded and sponsored by Dave and Clayton Myers.  I didn’t think twice and here I was this weekend back in the One Fly.



South-Fork-SnakeThe One Fly contest consists of 40 four man teams.  We fish Saturday and Sunday and each contestant is allowed one fly per day.  Not pattern, one fly.  You pick one that doesn’t work, you’re stuck with it.  Toss it in a tree and lose and your day is over.


The tournament takes place on the Snake River in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming and over on the South Fork section of the Snake in Idaho.  I drew the South Fork of the Snake in Idaho on Saturday.  To be exact I was on the Spring Creek Bridge to Eagle section.



The way you’re judged is a guide rows myself and an opponent from another team all day.  The guide measures fish and keeps score and we fish.  My guide was Brenda Swinney whom I’ve known for years but never fished with and my opponent was John Scott – first time we met.



Fun part about today is a few of my good pals drew the South Fork as well.  Even though we were competing against each other it was fun sharing a few minutes of breakfast beer drinking while the guides launched the boats.  Longtime friend, in fact a pal since he worked for me in the fly shop when he was a kid, Trey Scharp started the day offering some advice in the early morning fog.



photo by Neal Henderson

I fished a streamer and my boat mate/competitor John fished a big dry by Brenda’s advice.  Things started slow but steady and in the first hour we each had a couple nice fish measured.  The problem however, the higher that sun got the slower our fishing became.


It would turn out that it would be a hard day for the entire tournament. It didn’t matter whether scores came from the South Fork or the Snake over by Jackson, fishing was a challenge.  But John and I did well under the conditions.  It turns out Johns dry would prevail.  His point total was 350 and I ended with 303.  But both scores were above average for the day.


South-Fork-of-the-SnakeI didn’t get into detail of the day but that’s because its an early night in order to be ready for tomorrow.  I also had to finish up packing some things for an early departure for Brazil on Monday morning.  I’ll be tired enough come morning.  Full story and conclusion coming after tomorrow!


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  1. James Fisher

    Hey Jeff:
    It was great to see you back at the Onefly, you definitely belong in that event! I had a very disappointing performance last year and was about ready to give it up, but had a much better time this year so I’m committed again for next year. I have made many friends through this event over the years. This was my 18th straight year.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I heard your name announced in connection with an “amateur” award. WTF? How does a guy who fishes around the world for a living get to be an amateur? LOL!
    I hope that Granny’s surgery goes well, travel safe and keep up the good work on the blog.
    Tight lines, Jim

  2. Jeff

    “Amateur Rookie” was the exact. Pretty funny and led to a fun response from all my pals scattered in the room! Phish had things screwed up but only because the awards are so confusing now with all their catagories. They should get over the pro vs amateur deal. Its confusing trying to see who is actually winning. I always have the attitude to get better in anything I do in anything. Even things I stink at. And I too am glad to be back in the One Fly. Like you I’ve met many great people and new friends for life. Glad you,re in for 2020. See you then for sure. Now, its time to focus on peacocks!

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