The Granny Arrives in Baja

by | May 13, 2019 | fly fishing in Baja

fish-mexicoIt was fantastic fun down here in Baja with Sammy last week.  This week its Granny’s turn.  She arrived yesterday afternoon and I was ready to take off camping and fishing with her directly from the airport.  But she asked that we take it easy her first 24 hours.  Instead of camping last night we stayed at Sammy’s condo and followed it with an extremely leisurely morning.


roosterfishingI must admit the relaxing was nice for me also.  It gave me time to reorganize my fishing gear and make sure we had our camping gear and food in line.  We left Sam’s at 1 PM and returned to the Sea of Cortez to start the next chapter of roosterfishing from the beach 2019.


Baja-MexicoWe didn’t arrive to the east coast of Baja until around 3 PM.  The wind was hellacious.  Roosterfishing from the beach requires being able to spot them swimming rather than blind casting.  With the big waves and the fact that after 3 the sunlight leaves you fast we didn’t look too hard.  Instead we headed to find a nice campsite well before sunset.


roosterfish-bajaI love camping and in Baja its extra special.  You need to take a few precautions to avoid scorpions and rattlesnakes but with a little commonsense there isn’t a problem.  We camped in a cozy area that we’ve spent time at before.


BajaWe had a relaxing evening around our fire.  The temperature was perfect – just cool enough for a sweatshirt.  Granny made a filling Pad Thai and we were asleep ten minutes after the sunset.  We’ll be after the fish first thing in the morning!


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