A Long Relationship with Scientific Anglers Continues


I’m thrilled to announce that my association with Scientific Anglers will continue on.  I don’t mean to sound surprised, however several fly fishing companies were juggled last year and Scientific Anglers was purchased by Orvis.  I have a high respect for Orvis but absolutely no history with them for my entire 30 years in the fly fishing industry.  I wasn’t sure if SA could keep me on to endorse, test and promote their proven products. But early in January I put my worries to rest and to my delight the relationship will continue.


blog-Feb-1-2014-jeff-currier-flyfishing-belizeNot only will I keep catching fish using all the Scientific Angler Fly Lines I’ve grown to love, but I’ll test and contribute to the development of new fly lines and other products as well.  As for new products, get ready for the new SharkWave.  Honestly I’ve yet to toss one, but from what I’m hearing this new friction free fly line combines the best of the Sharkskin Line and my favorite, the Master Textured fly line.  Stay tuned as I’ll soon be experiencing the new line for myself.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing