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fly fishingGranny and I are getting as much camping and fishing in as we can before the snow flies.  This week the forecast continues to call for summer days.  We aimed to take advantage of our incredible hopper year and catch some hefty brown trout on big dry flies at one of our favorite September haunts.


flyfishing YellowstoneI collected Granny from her job promptly at 5 PM Monday night and off we went.  We hoped to settle into the beautiful campsite we’ve been using for years in time for some evening fishing, but traffic leaving Jackson Hole was no less than horrific as it has been all summer.  Instead we reached camp barely in time to enjoy a fiery cloud lit sunset.


flyfishingIt was a chilly night around the campfire and sleeping in the back of the Explorer.  When I woke up I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag to start the coffee.  But when the Aspen trees gleamed with amazing yellows and oranges when the first rays of sun hit I was invigorated.  Fall has already taken hold in the mountains in the Yellowstone Region.


Granny Currier Simms WadersBy the time we finished our coffee the sun had been shining for an hour.  It was getting hot fast and I saw the first hoppers come to life in the dead grass.  We wadered up and I grabbed my 5-weight LS Winston and my new 4-weight Pure.  I rigged two flies on the 5, a Red Winged Chernobyl and a hopper pattern and a single Parachute Adams on the 4.


Winston Fly RodsOn this river we hike upstream and watch for risers.  When nothings rising, every good-looking run gets hit blind with the Chernobyl’s.  Right off the bat I caught a 13” brown on one of my oversized flies.


fly fishing with GrannyWhen fishing is good we’ll make a full day of hiking sometimes covering six miles of this river.  But despite the quick start fish were few and far between.  Fishing was so slow Granny kicked back and watched as I worked.


cuttbow troutWhen fishing is slow its best to cover as much water as you can.  The old saying is, “When fishing is slow work fast and when fishing is fast work slow”.  The best fish I could muster up was this cutbow that ate my dropper Chernobyl.  He was decent and a fun catch but the big browns we often catch were nowhere to be found.


fishing WYThree miles of walking ended around 3 PM with little to brag about.  We sweat our way back to camp and had a leisurely lunch and a beer under what was now hot sun.  While Granny opted to relax for the rest of the afternoon I went out and fished hard for another couple hours.  Nada.


camping and fishingWe kicked back around the fire again Tuesday night and you know I had my XM blasting the Cubs game.  For me there’s nothing better than a beautiful day on the river followed by camping and listening to September baseball around the fire.  The Cubs have been struggling a bit but they won a big one against the Brewers.


I fished a different section of our river today.  The wind roared and unlike yesterday it didn’t get hot.  We had a high of around 61°.  I picked up a few more small trout and enjoyed using my new 4-weight.  At 1 PM we headed for home.


brown troutI’m headed to Midland, Michigan in the morning.  Friday I’m taking over @BeAliveoutside Instagram all morning and going live at 10 AM Eastern.  Be sure to tune in as I visit my friends at the BeAlive Studio and the Scientific Angler Headquarters.  Bring your questions about fly fishing, fish and travel AND send in your best fishing and travel photo for a chance to win one of my custom Cliff Fly Boxes.  Be sure to tag your photo @BeAliveoutside in the caption AND include the hashtag #bealiveoutsidetakeover.


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    Sounds heavenly….go Curriers you beauties !!

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