Has Anyone Fly Fished in Madagascar?

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I’ve never really just thrown out a question but here it goes. Has anyone ever fly fished or even know someone that has fly fished in Madagascar? This year Granny and I will be throwing on the backpacks to explore some serious walk and wade fly fishing in the salt where few westerners have tried. It must be affordable so for that reason we are focusing on the third world. It also needs to be a place where I can use my Delta miles for free tickets. We have combed the web for information and Google Earthed the coastlines of places like Ecuador in South America to Gabon in Africa. We can’t decide whether or not we should hunt enormous threadfin or near impossible to catch milkfish. Decision making like this just sends my fishy brain into a frenzy!

After weeks of cocktail hours on the computer pouring through websites, our research has directed us towards Madagascar. The beaches on this massive Indian Ocean Island are stunning in photos and the waters appear pristine. Madagascar is only 1000 miles south of the famous but expensive Seychelles, one of the saltwater flats fly fishing Mecca’s and this leads me to believe there should be flats species such as bonefish, trevally, triggerfish and one that has really stumped me in the past, the milkfish. We feel its worth at try.

The particular area we are studying is Nose Be and its surrounding islands in the north as well as St Marie Island off the remote east coast. If you know anything, please email me at jeff_currier@hotmail.com. Thanks!


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